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Waffles & Butterscotch's Mom (Annandale, US)
Helped so much...

Wish I would have had this for our Obedience before we titled! We are now using it for our Open classes, will use it when we are ready for Open trials. Started making our routine which is very similar to the one they teach. Super easy, fast, and helps on focus. As you can see we now need a class on possessiveness.

Newsletter Subscriber (Hildesheim, DE)
i took the wrong course

hi jana,
i am sorry that i make this mistake. i bought the wrong course. i need the agility warm up for my dog. is this possible to change it within the 30 days guarantee period,?
thank you in advance, monika

A.M. (Ljubljana, SI)
Really great course!

I really liked it

A.M. (Ljubljana, SI)
Perfect course!

I really liked it

Casandra Pilgram (Bremen, DE)
Great Course!

Easy to understand, nice handout!


Staša Pardubsky, Slovenia

Instructor, steward and judge in FCI Obedience; active competitor with multiple dogs on international levels (including FCI OB World Championship 2015, FMBB, CMBF)

As a result, I will adapt my existing warm-up routine with new exercises to help my dog perform even better – in training and competitions! But more importantly, I will definitely start using cool-down routines – something we mostly tend to forget.

Your focus on cool-down has convinced me of the importance of this particular part of training/competing. It was definitely my favorite part of the course (apart from watching your dogs perform)! Your energy, sincerity and knowledge are just amazing.

I definitely recommend this course for all handlers doing any kind of obedience work with their dogs. Even if you already have warm-up and cool-down routines, this course will provide many new insights and knowledge about preparing your dog for work, cooling them down, doing regular stretching and checking them for potential issues.

Elena Murashova, Russia
World champion of FMBB in FCI Obedience in Germany (2017), Slovenia (2018); Vice-champion in Czech Republic (2019)

“I liked this course very much. It is clear, useful and effective. It gives me a clear plan on how I can do warm-up and cool-down correctly. It’s very important for sports dogs. I specifically like a part about how to check canine athletes and stretch & mobility. I recommend this course for both beginner and advanced sportsman, for everyone who cares about their dog.”

Laura Ceccolini, Italy

The routine makes me confident as I know I’m doing the correct thing to warm up my dog, and I know when to begin the warm up before we enter the ring, because I know exactly how much time it takes.

Now, I enter the ring being more relaxed and concentrated; I feel less competition stress because me and my dog are already connected and my dog is more focused, with a good level of arousal, not too low or too high.

I like the course very much because Jana explains what we have to focus on very well. The videos are pleasant to watch and it is very easy to learn the exercises and the routine. The additional part, which I liked the most, is the section on how to check if a dog has a problem using the easy range of motion moves which I can perform myself.

With them I can discover some tension or pain and have my dog checked by a vet soon, before the injury becomes worse.I adore the advice to breathe and relax before competition, because very often we, hadlers, forget it and our mood makes our dog uneasy in the new environment.

This course changed how I begin every training and competition. I suggest every handler enrolls in this course, for the wellbeing of their dog and for the good feeling you both can achieve. 



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