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Teaching the skill, working out, progressing

Playing it cool: safety notes

Warm-ups and Cool-downs: The Alpha and Omega

Bony landmarks: Get to know your dog

The Front: it’s role in activities and body structure traits

The Rear: it’s role in activities and body structure traits

The Core: Center of gravity

Test your learning

IMPORTANT! Set good foundations

Biomechanics of Exercises: Understanding weight distribution is the key!

Starting points: Front Feet up

Starting points: Rear Feet up

Your first assignment time!

Balanced standing position: stand still on two objects

FF / RF Transitions


Position changes to begin with: Sit, Down, Stand

Tips to better sits and downs

Cavaletti exercise

Got stuck and in need of help?

Three more exercises to master before the Workout weeks

Test your learning

Introduction to the Skill-Room

Starting points: FF up

Starting points: RF up

Stand still exercise

FF / RF Transitions

Rock back Sit to Stands

Down to Stands

Tucked Sit to Kickback Stands


Figure 8

Cookie Shifts

High fives


FF down stepping

Push back up

Lateral side stepping

Transitions Advanced

Play bow to Stand


Walking backwards

Sit to Stand Ups


Twist Ups

RF down stepping

Semicircular Cavaletti

Cavaletti Extended

Mobility Exercises

Let’s start!

Test your skills

How to work out?

Workout Week 1: Handouts

Workout 1.1: Total circuit

5-min Skill Time: Crawling

Workout 1.2: Rear + core

Resting day

5-min Skill Time: FF down stepping and Push back up

Workout 1.3: Front + core

Resting day

It’s too easy! – Is it, really?

Workout Week 2: Handouts

Workout 2.1: Front + core

5-min Skill Time: Lateral side stepping

Workout 2.2: Total circuit

Resting day

5-min Skill Time: Transitions Advanced

Workout 2.3: Cardio

Resting day

Ways of Strengthening

Workout Week 3: Handouts

Workout 3.1: Total circuit

5-min Skill Time: Pivoting

Workout 3.2: Total circuit

Resting day

5-min Skill Time: Walking backwards

Workout 3.3: Front + core

Resting day

Quality before quantity

Workout Week 4: Handouts

Workout 4.1: Cardio

5-min Skill Time: Plank

Workout 4.2: Total circuit

Resting day

5-min Skill Time: Twist ups

Workout 4.3: Rear + core

Resting day

Training basics: The big picture

Workout Week 5: Handouts

Workout 5.1: Core

5-min Skill Time: RF down stepping

Workout 5.2: Total circuit

Resting day

5-min Skill Time: Semicircular Cavaletti

Workout 5.3: Front + core

Resting day

Going forwards

Workout Week 6: Handouts

Workout 6.1: Cardio

5-min Skill Time: Cavaletti Extended

Workout 6.2: Total circuit

Resting day

Workout 6.3: Total circuit

5-min Skill Time: It’s your turn!

Resting day

Congrats! Here’s what’s next…

More resources for you

Before you go…

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