First Purchase for new user
At first purchase you will create new customer account. After payment you will need to activate it first! To activate it, click on the following link you have received in your email inbox. If you don't see it, please check in spam.
Then you log in to the page, and content will open!

Method of payment
You can choose between wire transfer over Bank account or over Paypal. 

Wire transfer
If you choose wire transfer we need to sent you details for payment over e-mail. After recieving your payment we have to manually confirm you in our system. Please note this can take up to 48 hours from your order to your access to content!

After subscribe you will be redirected to Paypal, where you log in and do the payment.

Coupone Code
After you type coupone code inside, the price doesn't change on the page. But it does in background and you will see new price in Paypal and in details for payment sent by e-mail.


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