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Essential agility training skills
A 12-week-long, online course


The sport of agility is quick to evolve, and now is your time to evolve with it!
Grow your knowledge and skill set with my experience and helping hand!

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This course is designed by Beata Luchowska, a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine, a Certified Canine Physiotherapist and an active competitor participating on international levels.

Essential Agility Training Skills

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Here's my BIG promise ...

Through practical exercises, your dog will learn obstacle-related technical skills (such as single jump skills, verbal cue discrimination, specific tunnel behaviours, sequencing, and more.), you will become a better handler, and master your body language and cues.

And best of all?

Not only have I benefited from the very knowledge I’m about to give you (and with it made it to Agility World Championships and European Open with 3 dogs of different breeds) but so have hundreds of my students who have been able to get started on their agility journey and even entered in a number of competitions themselves!

Only keep on reading

if you want to advance on your agility journey with your dogs too, and keep up with today’s agility knowledge!

Don’t miss out!


European Open Germany 2015
Border Collie Classic Germany 2019
Agility World Championship Luxembourg 2014
European Open Italy 2017
Border Collie Classic 2019
Magna Racino 2018
Nilla Hugarian Open 2019
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European Open Germany 2015
Border Collie Classic Germany 2019
Agility World Championship Luxembourg 2014
European Open Italy 2017

Border Collie Classic 2019

Magna Racino 2018

Nilla Hugarian Open 2019

I know how difficult the agility journey can be

In fact, I’ve faced many training challenges in my life with both my dogs and my students’ dogs, alike.

Sensitivity, over-excitement, issues with motivation, physical limitations… You name it I thought I’ve seen it all.

Until my young dog, Kobra came into my life.

She was something special.

At the age of 6 months, she was able to generate so much power that she overtook adult agility dogs with ease.

She had no intention of taking anything slow.

She was all in.

As good as that might sound – it was a challenge.

Her body was just exploding.

She even managed to break my tooth during one of our play sessions…

At times I even felt a little overwhelmed with her power and energy.

On the other hand, she is an extremely sensitive girl and she always wants to please me – so whenever her body couldn’t handle a task, she would worry that she had disappointed me.

With all of that, building a balance between precision and speed sometimes proved to be a challenge.


One that is based on building
understanding and precision.

A program that would help Kobra be more aware of her body, help her stay safe during our training and ensure she felt proud of herself, while simultaneously nurturing her speed and power on the field.

So, I set out to study how dogs move when performing the foundational agility exercises. I did so to perfect my program – one where Kobra’s young body would be set up for success.

Today I can say that she was a true inspiration and, thanks to her, the program I have created for you here is truly special because its focus is on building an understanding of the exercises on the field and on building body awareness.

In addition, I can guarantee you that during my course your dog will have fun and that they will be set up for success every step of the way. That’s my value and I stick to it by using a variety of rewards and by always being resourceful!

I am now a better trainer and competitor because of Kobra! I don’t shy away from challenges, thoroughly enjoy finding new solutions and strive to raise my students’ skills.

I think the most valuable thing she has taught me is how to set dogs up for success, how to build an understanding of different jumping sequences and to never give up!

I am as excited as ever to be able to pass this knowledge on to my students too!

Here’s what my students
have got to say about this course:

“One of the best foundation classes
I did so far (and I did a lot 😜).”

“Kandik graduated from the Essential Agility Training Skills with Beata Luchowska. Beata puts great focus on the dog´s health with a lot of super effective exercises. I am really happy with the foundations we laid down. 💪😀”

Elisabeth Fitzthum

“A lot of basics, technical skills, body language, dog fitness, and also some awesome challenges.” 🔥

“Finally I can post our 🎓 Graduation Video of Beata Luchowska’s and Dogs4motion Academy for active dogs’ course – Essential Agility Training Skills. 🐾

I’m so happy with the work we’ve done during these 4 months with my little 🐿️Squirrel Sissi. Thank you once more Beata! Can’t wait for the continuation!” ❤ 😊

Ania Jaworska

“I have been enjoying agility with my dogs for nearly 20 years and this is the first time I have learned such meaningful basics!«”

Tomoko Nakaminami

This course is ideal for:

Agility hobbyists and enthusiasts

Are you someone who enjoys running agility in your spare time? And do it because your dog finds it fun, but are feeling a little overwhelmed by the “technicalities” of the sport? Then this course is PERFECT for you! You will receive the guidance necessary to progress in the most “up-to-date”, safe, and effective manner. Without feeling overwhelmed!

Experienced agility competitors

So you have some experience competing in agility already. But… It’s been a while since you’ve been on the field, have new ambitions, and are looking for a refresher course to take part in with your dog or puppy. If so, you’ve come to the right place. I love keeping up with the latest agility training trends so with this course you’ll be back in the game in no time!

Novice agility handlers

With this course, you will receive a foolproof introduction to the sport! I will teach you the agility-specific skills and commands required to get started in the sport and to run simple courses and sequences!


Ready to receive personalized guidance on your agility journey?

Let my students tell you why they loveD IT

This course is an exceptional resource for developing communication/handling for the dog and handler through foundation skills that can be tought using short, loopy training sessions for clarity and then used as a reference to go back and build and master those foundation same skills with consistency as the team progresses.

Using this course as a template has allowed my youngest boy and ito progress without frustration. Thank you! Perfect addition to the rest of the course offerings on this platform!

Patti Waddell, Canada

I have so many good things to say about this course. It is very organized and easy to follow. I love that there is a written explanation with diagrams to go along with the videos. It helps to clarify the exercise and I learn a lot from them.

The videos are well done and I have watched them multiple times because I notice different things each time I watch them.

I love the self-study format because it allows me to understand what I am to be doing before I work with my dog. Now our training sessions have a plan and a purpose and I know what the next steps are for future sessions.

Chris Kulan, US

Beata’s awareness of being careful with the training of young dogs was evident throughout. Things I particularly liked was The Pointing Game. The steps presented built an understanding of this cue at a distance.

I thought her presentations on discriminations and verbals had some great ideas to help build understanding in a fair manner to the dog. I really liked the training of the double threadle with the tight turn cue and the pole to emphasize to come to the take-off side of the next jump as early as possible before the next jump. I have always tried to do this with handling but I like the pole to help make it clear to the dog as well! Also like the exercise with the tunnel to the threadle jump.

Great for students and for dogs who you need to keep energized. Overall some great ideas to add to my training! Glad I signed up.

Barbara Davis, US

The weekly planner is really helpful, all the lessons are clear, and easy to follow. I really liked the sequences, they show the perfect development of the training, from easy to harder exercises. They are also tips for smalles, more sensitive dogs, the course is not just about border collies. I highly recommend this course, especially if you love the structure, and following steps, and tick off boxes/tasks 🙂

Anges Fulop, Hungary

Just imagine feeling…

Relieved with the guidance you’re getting with my step-by-step instructions.
Like you can depend on your dog at the start line.
Supported on every step of your agility journey.
Confident as your dog’s trainer and knowing that you are teaching them all the age-appropriate agility skills.
Certain of how to perform any handling move.
Aware of which reward you should choose to suit your dog.
Proud of your dog’s independence on the course.
Capable of using different handling options with your dog.
Connected with your dog and being a true team on the course, and outside it.
Like you’re a part of a small community who you can depend on, progress together with, and see how they progress too.
Certain that we will find solutions to any challenge that comes our way, even if a session of yours didn’t work out.
Capable of bringing your dog’s best performance to light – not only during your training sessions but also during competitions.

There are 2 key pillars you will master with this course:


Improve your agility skills

With thorough guidelines, this course will teach you all the essential agility skills you need to succeed on the field with your dog. The guidelines include:

  • Single jump training
  • Listening and commitment games
  • Verbal discrimination practice
  • Putting everything together into short sequences
  • Teaching various tunnel skills
  • Building an understanding of how to use your body language
  • Learning how to improve your handling


Develop a reliable system that works for both you and your dog​

Together we will find the approach and build the agility skills that will make you and your dog a great team. You will get the chance to incorporate the individualized handling advice I will give you (for running a course with serpentines, turns, crosses or threadless).

You will lay the necessary foundations for further obstacle discrimination skills (through listening games and by building obstacle oriented focus).

You will learn how to teach your dog various jumping skills (such as left/right turns, backsides, threadless or flicks) in a positive manner that works for your dog.

As a trainer, I recognize and cherish the fact that every dog is an individual. I have incorporated this insight into the way I reward each dog.

You can expect to learn how, and when, to reward your dog, what reward to use depending on the dog’s personality and what to use depending on the goal of the exercise.

Every dog is on their way to becoming a champion in their own right – but every dog walks their own path, at their own speed so don’t be discouraged!


50+ video lessons

Receive lessons on teaching jump, tunnel and handling skills, presented and designed for dogs of all sizes! The videos come with clear, and easy-to-follow instructions that make the learning process a breeze!

Jumping Guide 101

Receive the know-how on the basics of jumping foundations - including the straightforward jump, tight turns, backsides, serpentines, threadles and the flick.

Lessons on Cue Discrimination

Build verbal command awareness and receive the step-by-step guidelines that will teach you how to establish reliable obstacle discrimination skills.

Tunnel Essentials

Teach your dog the necessary tunnel skills, tunnel turns and various tunnel entries!!

Handler’s Handbook

Learn about different handling techniques and receive practical advice on the handler’s body position and moves.

Sequence Skills

Obtain the sequence skills necessary to run short courses and test your acquired knowledge with the short sequences presented by Beata herself.

The Youngster’s Manual

Do you have a young dog and are not sure which exercises you can perform with them and their growing bodies? This course offers you guidelines aimed specifically at growing dogs. Learn how to play it safe with youngsters, and what is safe and best for them.



Bonus 1 – The Fitness Section!

As a DVM and canine physiotherapist, I find it extremely important to prepare a dog’s body for the activities you plan to do together. I pay a lot of attention to how dogs move and whether their bodies are physically ready for the sport-specific activities at hand.

Therefore, you can rest assured that this course will also come with a rich extra section of agility-geared canine fitness exercises!

You will receive a new exercise that will help your dog develop both general and sport-specific fitness skills, every second week!

The exercises will:

⚪ improve the muscle-brain connection
⚪ cover the biomechanical demands and sport-specific muscle actions
⚪ build strength, flexibility and balance

Bonus 2 - Downloadable PDFs

Organize your notes, keep a track of your progress, and follow the weekly exercises in an even easier way with the help of our downloadable PDF sheets.

You will be able to save and keep your notes – forever!

Bonus 3 - Competition Preparation Section

Learn how you can prepare yourself for competitions and how you can set YOURSELF up for success (not just your dog!) in this additional theoretical section.

Learn how you can mentally equip yourself for the big day with lessons on distractions, establishing a routine, and with breathing exercises!

Hundreds of agility enthusiasts have already invested years of their lives ...

... to attain the knowledge and experience I’m about to share with you here in this course!

When creating this course I wanted to help you spare the time, and the trial and error, it takes to keep up with the sport of agility.

And instead, give you the theory in a fun and interactive way, on a silver platter.

Staying on top of agility trends and the everchanging competitive world does not have to be as hard as you might think!

If you are ready to step foot on the agility field with your dog, you could not have come here at a better time!

I can’t wait to see you and your dog succeed and your story be the next testimonial on this page!

So if you want to join our fellow agility enthusiasts and gain access to my years’ worth of knowledge and experience…Then it’s time to roll up your sleeves, warm up your dog and get going!

And guess what?

Not only will this course teach you the agility essentials but will also STRENGTHEN THE BOND you have with your dog!

Are you ready to get started!?

Ready, steady…Start! With our Essential Agility Training Skills class!


  • Welcome
  • Agility enrichment
  • Choosing the reward
  • Training the young canine athlete
  • Playing it safe
  • Warm up and cool down
  • How to follow the class
  • Week 1&2: Spin me round
  • Week 1&2: Hand cue – follow the handler
  • Week 1&2: Solid startline
  • Week 1&2: Take that bar
  • Week 1&2: Straight jump (go forward)
  • Week 1&2: Pointing game
  • Week 1&2: Shaping the turn
  • Week 1&2: Wing commitment
  • Week 1&2: Advanced wrap proofing
  • Week 3&4: From a cone to the jump
  • Week 3&4: Watch the line
  • Week 3&4: Figure Like 8
  • Week 3&4: Before you start left/right cues
  • Week 5&6: Tightness explained (deceleration & acceleration)
  • Week 7&8: Soft turns and collection cue
  • Week 1&2: Introducing the tunnel
  • Week 3&4: Handling games
  • Week 3&4: Before you start tunnel discriminations
  • Week 7&8: Tunnel exits
  • Week 9&10: Blind entry & bypassing
  • Week 9&10: The opposite entry
  • Week 11&12: Tunnel turns
  • Week 3&4: Break the tunnel spell: verbal cues/tunnel
  • Week 3&4: Secrets of reliable listening
  • Week 5&6: Left/right discrimination on a jump
  • Week 5&6: Tunnel vs X
  • Week 7&8: In/out on a jump
  • Week 5&6: Know how: serpentine
  • Week 7&8: Serpentine bounce
  • Week 7&8: Training serpentines
  • Week 5&6: Know how: backside
  • Week 7&8: Proofing backside wrap
  • Week 9&10: Pointing game for backsides
  • Week 11&12: Backside slice
  • Week 11&12: Building the strength for takeoffs
  • Week 5&6: Know how: threadle
  • Week 7&8: Groundwork for flick
  • Week 7&8: Training threadles
  • Week 7&8: Training threadles
  • Week 7&8: Get threadle flow
  • Week 11&12: Week 6: Double threadle
  • Week 5&6: Sequence 1 – turns & straight
  • Week 7&8: Sequence 2
  • Week 9&10: Sequence 3 – outs & flicks
  • Week 9&10: Sequence 4
  • Week 11&12: Sequence 5 – slices
  • Week 11&12: Sequence 6 – discriminations
  • Week 1&2: Shoulder rotation
  • Week 3&4: Wrap here or away (in/out)
  • Week 5&6: Handling for tight turns
  • Week 7&8: Distance work
  • Week 11&12: Blind crosses
  • Week 1&2: FF to RF
  • Week 1&2: Posture
  • Week 3&4: Bounce grid
  • Week 5&6: Sit to stand
  • Week 9&10: Walking backwards
  • Week 11&12: Side stepping
  • Overcoming distractions
  • Competition routine
  • Bubble
  • Breathing exercises

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Essential Agility Training Skills

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This course is the product of science-based, veterinary, and canine sport medicinal knowledge, published research, personal experience from working in canine rehabilitation, and hands-on agility training experience.

Let my students tell you why they loveD IT

“Thanks to Beata we participated in our first competition!”

I met Beata 3 years ago when I started my adventure with agility. Beza, my small mixbreed dog, requires a lot of work and patience. Thanks to Beata we participated in our first competition. She pays attention to details. She showed us how to train correctly and how to prepare a dog to avoid injuries.

Thanks to her online training I’ve learned how to explain the basics of agility to my puppy. Everything is easy-to-understand. The material is full of knowledge and important comments that are useful in training. I believe that Beata has great skills in transferring knowledge and will be able to help everyone, even if you are not an easy student – like me

Karolina Augustyn, Poland

“Great for both beginners and more advanced handlers alike. I learned a lot!”

I am very happy that I’ve decided to take part in online agility trainings with Beata. Her exercises are great for both beginners and for more advanced handlers who own a new young dog.

Both me and my dog have learned a lot! The material is presented in a clear way. I received feedback on my videos and questions regularly, so I could correct mistakes on a daily basis.

Natalia Karpinska, Poland

Videos were super helpful and Beata was always there to help out with individual problems.

We had so much fun during online course with Beata Luchowska! Beata is a fantastic instructor, very knowledgeable and detail oriented. All skills were explained thoroughly, videos were super helpful and Beata was always there to help out with individual problems.

Essential Agility Training Skills provides you with plenty of foundation exercises, a clear approach and a detail-oriented instructor – highly recommended

Sylwia Połomska, USA

“I started this course with my 9-month-old dog and I think it’s really great!”

Andrea Gross, Germany

Have a Taste

Let me show you one of the exercises that you will find in this course – Pointing game:

Teach your dog various jumping skills in a positive manner to achieve the best agility results.

At What Age Can I Start Teaching Agility?

The course is suitable for dogs who are at a minimum age of 7 months or older.

Open to All Breeds!

This course is designed with every dog in mind – to unleash their agility potential, regardless of breed and no matter their size or background. It’s time you bring out the best in your loyal buddy.


Hey, I’m sure by now you know quite a bit about my course! But, let me tell you a little bit about me too.

I am an active agility competitor, a doctor of veterinary medicine and a rehab practitioner. I teach agility specifics and educate dog owners worldwide.

I am a dog sports enthusiast and have been active in the field for over 15 years now! I enjoy the challenges of modern agility and I’m always motivated to find new solutions and to grow as a trainer.

This very attitude helped me qualify for the Agility World Championships and European Open with 3 dogs, all of different breeds. To top it all off, I have reached the podium on the biggest international events, multiple times!

I got started on my canine journey by graduating in veterinary medicine. Inspired by my four-legged patients, I decided to continue my education and became a certified canine physiotherapist.

I like to use my professional knowledge to help improve the performance of canine athletes.

Beata Luchowska


“I took part in Beata’s course with my new puppy Tide as soon as he was old enough!”

Beata is a fantastic dog trainer and agility handler! She has an incredible eye for detail, and her veterinary and canine education gives her a wholesome perspective on our canine athletes – the very one that both, Beata and I, share our beliefs in!

This course gives a fantastic head start to all dogs (and their handlers) with agility, regardless of the dog’s size or age, and is sure to provide a fresh challenge to the most experienced teams alike!

Jana Gams

CEO of Dogs4motion Academy


We all know how difficult it can be to self-study your way into a sport you don’t have that much experience in right? A mentor can help you reach the stars, whether you’re just starting out or if you’re seeking a new perspective.

That’s why I’m here to help guide you on your agility journey today! Teach your dog obstacle-related technical skills, become a better handler, master your body language and more, with this course NOW!

Does this Suit me?

The course is suitable for dogs who are at a minimum age of 7 months, or more. It is appropriate for beginners, or for dogs who are already in training but could benefit from improving their listening skills or jumping behaviours.

To build solid foundations all you will need is a jump, and a cone (or pole). However, once we progress to the sequences part of the course, you will need access to 3 jumps and a tunnel.

You can teach, and perform, most of the exercises in an area that has enough space to fit one jump and an extra couple of meters for you to reward your dog. There are some lessons that require access to a small agility field with 3 jumps and a tunnel though.

Technical Questions

You will have lifetime access to all of the material from the date you’ve entered.

That means you can restart it, refresh your knowledge and start with other dogs anytime in the future.

If you enroll as a working spot, you’ll receive my feedback for 12 weeks. 📝

Yes. The access to the content platform is lifetime, and it is very easy to use and navigate. Additionally, PDFs are available for download.

Currently, the course is only available in English, but it does come with English subtitles. However, we do plan on translating the subtitles into other languages in the future, so please follow us for updates.

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