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For Dog Owners Looking for
Something Fun to Do with Their Dog

Bond with your Dog and Exercise Their Brain Like Never Before

(Even on Boring Rainy Days in the Comfort of Your Own Home)

With a Clear and Concise
Step-By-Step Training Plan

Provide mental stimulation in a fun, fast, and easy way

Build a love for teamwork

Grow your skills as a trainer

Boost your dog’s confidence, focus, and body awareness

Trusted by competitors and experts

No costly training, no fancy gear, no time needed

Watch the Video Below and Discover The Transformative Nature of Tricks

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Courses are taught by Chasing the Tale, a group of women
active in the dog training world for 15+ years.

All About Tricks Bundle

Trickster’s Toolbox
(regular price = $97)

Enriching Walks Tricks
(regular price = $59)

Mastering Performance Tricks
(regular price = $97)

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The Trickster’s Toolbox

Your Ultimate Guide to ABCs of Dog Tricks Training

Reframe How You View Tricks,
Training, and the Way Your Dog Thinks

21 Must-Have Tricks Tutorials

  • Understand how dogs learn and how you can set your training sessions up for success in a fun way

The Basics

  • Discover luring, shaping, nose target, and paw target
  • Build value for food
  • Rewards and the position of the reward

Mastering Clicker Training

  • Discover the rules of clicker training
  • Receive clicker games to up your clicking skills
  • Learn about cues and when to add them
  • Know the most common errors in clicker training and how to avoid them
  • Set up the optimal learning environment for your dog

The Perfect Training Session Walkthrough

  • How to structure and plan your ideal training session
  • Understand why breaks during your training are important and when to incorporate them
  • What to do if things don’t go as planned
  • When and how you should raise your criteria
  • How to keep your dog motivated

Enriching Walks Tricks

Spice-Up Your Daily Walks
In The Face of Distractions

And Provide a Productive Outlet
for Your Dog’s Excess Energy

19 Fun and Engaging Tricks Tutorials

We promise your dog will look forward to your walks even more, and start enjoying their time with you more too!

It’s time you elevate your daily walks from being a mere outing where your dog gets to do what they want, to a fun activity they get to do with you!

Giving your dog an enriching activity like performing fun tricks on your walks can also prevent them from finding entertainment on their own (like rolling into poop, or chasing wild animals) and getting into mischief.

Mastering Performance Tricks

Turn Your Dog Into a Show-Stopping Performer

And Wow Your Audience!

26 Show-Stopping Tricks Tutorials

Unlock the secrets to captivating audiences with your dog’s impressive skills.

This course provides expert guidance and practical techniques to elevate your dog’s performance abilities to the next level.

Perfect for those seeking to dazzle and entertain with their canine companion.


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Exclusive Facebook Community for Enhanced Support

Our closed Facebook group is a safe space to open up and move forward. Members chat about tricks, and hurdles in dog training, get guidance, and motivate each other within our friendly Chasing the Tale group!

Over 15 Years of Dog Tricks Training Experience!

We have dedicated years of our lives to acquiring this knowledge. We know all about the most effective and easy methods to teach each trick as we have taught many dogs and have been in this niche since the very beginning.

We also did a street performance with dogs, showing off tricks and educating people on the magic of positive reinforcement. We educated people that these dogs perform these fun tricks because they love it, and because they enjoy the teamwork and the process.

Our methods are not only up-to-date but also proven effective through real-world application, on a wide range of many different breeds.

Ideal For:



Whether you’re looking to teach your dog something new, break free from monotony, or showcase their intelligence.



A fantastic way to teach your puppy problem-solving skills, build teamwork, and strengthen your bond.

Senior dog


Who said old dogs can’t learn new tricks? Small mental exercises like tricks can be especially beneficial to facilitate mental clarity and a youthful attitude.



A perfect way to lay the groundwork before diving into dog sports, bond during the off-season and introduce young sport prospect dogs to learning processes.

Dog Owners That See Untapped Potential In Their Dog

Dog tricks offer an affordable solution to keep your dog busy, and showcase their intelligence. It’s time to impress others with your clever canine companion!


Dog Owners

Your dog craves mental stimulation as much as physical exercise. Engage their mind and fulfill their needs in a simple, enjoyable way.

We Suggest You Explore Other Options, If:


You think your dog is too old or not smart enough to learn new tricks.


You don’t like to have fun in life and think it should be very serious.


You believe that your dog’s life purpose is to lie on the couch.


»WOW! Super well organized and very comprehensive!«

“Hey there! I just went through the first few chapters of Trickster’s Toolbox and WOW!

I’m not exactly new to dog training but I have to say the intro and basics are Great general primer for those who are new or need a refresher.

Super well organized and very comprehensive. Thank you! Check it out!

You may not have realized you need it 😉

… baby Gamma shaping picture just because she was so cute 😆”


Tamara Blaisdell

You're just one click away from learning something new!

Tricks Are Not Only Super Cool

They Offer Countless Benefits From A to Z!

Why even bother teaching your dog tricks?

Well …

When you think about dog tricks, you might picture asking a dog to “shake a paw” or “roll over”. Or maybe you imagine a big stage, full of lights, where a dog and handler team skillfully perform jumps and handstands, cheered on by a crowd.

No matter what comes to mind when thinking of tricks, all these behaviours share some basic similarities.

⭐The “why” behind teaching tricks is a wonderfully varied topic.

We often get caught up in the end goal – that fun trick we saw scrolling through social media, and we really want to try it ourselves.

I would encourage you to take a step back and try to see teaching tricks as appreciating the process itself.

Teaching your dog tricks establishes a valuable foundation not only for any future dog sports you might pursue but also for the relationship you and your dog share and every part of everyday life.

Your dog isn’t just learning the act of “shake a paw” or “lie down” …

⭐They are learning how to learn.

With each session, you’re also learning how to best help your dog in their learning and processing of information, setting a solid foundation and understanding for many other aspects of life.

This includes confidence building, improving problem-solving skills, reducing frustration, and even enhancing their physical health by incorporating specific tricks to improve proprioception and body awareness.

In general, it creates a stronger bond between you and your dog.

From “shake a paw” creating a foundation for your dog to be comfortable with their paws being held to “paws up” on an object not only being a cute photo opportunity but also giving your dog the confidence and body awareness to interact with novel objects.

At their core, no matter which tricks you choose to teach .. you’ll find:

⭐ They help build your dog’s value for you.

They may start to orientate towards you more, look to you for guidance, or even “ask” to work with you.

This helps you become a fun and rewarding partner for your dog.

Behind all the impressive and adorable tricks we see, there’s an abundance of value hidden in the process to get there.

A New, Fun, and Easy Way
to Bond With Your Dog

A New, Fun, and Easy Way to Bond With Your Dog

(No Costly Training, No Fancy Gear, No Time Needed)

Say goodbye to:

Instead, you will:

Your dog's excess energy leading to boredom-induced behaviors like chewing on shoes, barking incessantly, and destroying items. Trust us, they'll always find mischief if left unstimulated.

Engage their minds with fun and simple activities to fulfill their mental needs and combat boredom, ensuring they rest when it's time to relax.

Feeling helpless because your dog seems indifferent to you, lacks attention, and the bond feels strained.

Discover a new, enjoyable, and effortless method to bond with your dog—working together towards a shared goal with food, teamwork, and patience. Best of all, it only takes a few minutes, whenever you like.

Running out of ideas for quality time with your dog that don't demand significant time, effort, or money.

Enjoy a simple and effortless way to have fun without taking up too much time. It’s time to impress your friends and family with your dog's new skills.

Frustration from lack of progress in other areas of training, feeling stuck in a rut.

Enhanced everyday training in various areas, from loose-leash walking to recall. Trick training offers practical applications in real-life situations. Picture the excitement of calling your dog to return to you, and as a reward, they get the opportunity to perform a playful spin, or retrieve their favorite toy, all while overcoming any surrounding distractions.

Your dog feeling stressed, and you feeling frustrated and overwhelmed, when they try to learn something new, especially with high expectations like those for sports dogs.

Take your training back to the root, establish a positive, low-expectation, and error-free training process, work on your teamwork, and then carry those foundations over to sports with success stress-free.


»Love, love, love this course!«

“I’ve been Trick training for a few years now and my German Coolie even has a title for learning 101 tricks. We both learned some new tricks and even better ways to teach some of her tricks she has already learned. The videos are great and the explanations were very explicit.”


Darlene Pope, US

Complement your daily training in other areas now!

No Fancy Equipment Needed

You can always just use some stuff from your house inventory. For the maximum outcome, you should consider using these:

At What Age Can I Start Teaching Tricks?

You can start with your puppy! If there are tricks that require your dog to be older, then that will be mentioned in the course. However, you can teach basics to puppies already!

Open to All Breeds!

This course is designed with every dog in mind – to unleash their potential, regardless of breed. Discover the joy of teaching and learning fun tricks that bring out the best in your loyal buddy, no matter their size or background.

Our story

Chasing the Tale’s ideology is that dogs can be much more than just pets if only we nurture their true potential with consistent, enjoyable, and clear training.

By ‘more than just a pet’ we mean that your dog can be your friend, your family member, your loyal companion, and more. We believe that dogs can make our everyday lives more fun and fulfilling with their happy attitude and contagious outlook on life.

Chasing the Tale is about creating stories with your dog and it is about adventure!

That being said, we should never forget what sparks the fire in our dogs! Always look at the dog in front of you and adapt your adventures to their specific needs and wants.

The goal is for everyone to enjoy themselves, together! The adventure need not be grand, as long as you make it your own – even if that means relaxing on the sofa and watching Netflix, going to a drive-in movie theatre, grabbing a coffee in the city or taking a refreshing swim in the lake.

All in all, the mission of Chasing the Tale is to encourage more dog owners to take their dogs with them on their adventures – and most importantly, show them how easy it can be with a well-mannered dog! With all of this in mind, Chasing the Tale Academy was born.

We Stand Behind You:

30-Day Money-Back Guarantee
Because Your Satisfaction Matters

We wholeheartedly believe in these trick training courses. So we are willing to “put our money where our mouth is” and back up your purchase with a 100 % money-back guarantee.

If you don’t feel that our courses are the right fit for you, we will refund every cent you paid – no questions asked.


»This course gave me some great ideas on how to practice tricks while we walk. Also, works great for warm-up at trials, stuff to do while we wait for our turn. It helps with focusing, too.«


Waffles & Butterscotch’s Mom, US

»I've taken tricks online classes in the past and had a difficult time understanding what my dog was supposed to do. Your explanations were great!«

Loved the videos with the detailed explanations. I had no problem how to train my dog and the videos were exceptional. Thank you for a wonderful online experience. I will be adding more tricks to my toolbox.



Discover the Transformative Nature of Tricks

Does This Suit Me?

No, but if you’re a complete beginner, we suggest enrolling into The Trickster’s Toolbox – Your Ultimate Guide to ABCs of Trick Dog Training

Look what one of our customers had to say about it:

“I’ve taken tricks online classes in the past and had a difficult time understanding what my dog was supposed to do. Your explanations were great! Loved the videos with the detailed explanations. I had no problem how to train my dog and the videos were exceptional. Thank you for a wonderful online experience. I will be adding more tricks to my toolbox.”

You also have a 30-day full-satisfaction guarantee.

You can start with your puppy! If there are tricks that require your dog to be older, then that will be mentioned in the course. However, you can teach basics to puppies already!

Of course! The saying that “old dogs cannot learn new tricks” has long been debunked. In fact, training new tricks to older dogs can help them maintain their youthful nature even in their adult/senior years.

A clicker, a treat bag and some yummy treats to start with. Everything else you can simply find around your house.

Members chat about tricks, and hurdles in dog training, get guidance, and motivate each other within our friendly Chasing the Tale group!

Technical Questions

Absolutely! With any course on this page, you will have lifetime access. This means you can revisit the course, reinforce your understanding, and start with new dogs whenever you desire in the future.

Yes. The access to the content platform is lifetime, and it is very easy to use and navigate. 

Currently, the course is only available in English, but it does come with English subtitles. However, we do plan on translating the subtitles into other languages in the future, so please follow us for updates.

The video material is not downloadable. However, access to the online classroom is lifetime and the content platform can be reached very easily from any device (phone, tablet, or computer), and is very simple to use.

If you are feeling guilty for not fulfilling your dog’s energy needs adequately …

If you feel like you’re not embracing your dog’s full potential …

Or if you are feeling discouraged over the fact that you do not have a good connection with your dog …

You are at the right place!

This course is also great, if you are into dog sports or dog training in general, as it will improve your dog’s obedience levels and training in other areas.

The way we see it …

Training tricks is the best and most fun thing you can do with your dog.

And you’re missing out on a lot if you are one of those people who believe that tricks are just a waste of time.

So don’t miss out!

Seize the opportunity and get started right now.

You’ll feel proud of your dog’s impressive trick skills, start enjoying your time with your dog more, and experience a sense of accomplishment as your dog learns and performs new tricks.

You’ll also grow as a trainer by teaching your dog tricks that require good timing and an eye for detail.

See you inside!

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