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Here's Why You Should Upgrade Today
And Take Your Progress To The Max Level
With 50+ Proven Conditioning Exercises

Here's Why You Should Upgrade Today
And Take Your Progress To The Max Level With 50+ Proven Conditioning Exercises

Hey, Jana here.

Congratulations and welcome to the Dogs4motion family.

You just made one of the best decisions for your dog’s fitness and physique.

This will set a series of events in motion that will have a lasting positive impact on your dog’s performance, health, and your relationship with him.

You now have access to the ‘Foundations of the Agility Fitness’ course.

So you can start your dog’s transformation journey right away and on the right foot.

But what I’m about to show you is taking things to the max level.


Agility Dynamics in Control 2.0. (NEW AND IMPROVED) is by far our most comprehensive course – a true bible of agility-specific conditioning.

It integrates with foundational conditioning perfectly and is a total game changer for agility athletes.

As you’ll see, it will give you a huge advantage and it could be the last thing you ever need to equip your dog to master agility fitness preparation.

If you are an agility enthusiast, who is serious and dedicated to conquering the demands of this ever-evolving sport – KEEP READING.

This is what you get when you upgrade to this very special offer I am making you right now:

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The regular price of the Agility Dynamics in Control course is $349.

We are giving you a generous 20% discount, and on top of that we’re deducting the $97 you just invested in the Foundations of Agility Fitness.

Remember, this is a one-time investment in your dog’s long prosperous agility career.

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You are going to love this program so much that you will tell all your friends about it, I bet.

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This course is the last thing you need when conditioning your dog for agility success.

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Agility Dynamics in Control

✔ Lifetime access
✔ Visual content
✔ Downloadable PDF handouts
✔ Easy to use
✔ 30 days money back guarantee

48% OFF on this page only

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Introducing ...


The Premier Dog Conditioning Program
Designed Specifically for Agility Athletes

By Purchasing Now,
You Receive Immediate Access To:


Sport-Specific Conditioning in a Nutshell

  • How to reach your dog’s full potential, and peak performance abilities
  • Insights on what it actually means to move efficiently, which goes beyond moving quickly and with power
  • How to achieve a higher level of muscle functionality to improve brain-to-muscle connection and strength
  • How to decrease sport-specific risk factors


6 Fundamental Elements of Training

A walk through the essential training elements that should be incorporated into your dog’s training:

  • Power / Strength
  • Balance and Body Awareness
  • Flexibility and Range of Motion
  • Endurance and Stamina
  • Skill Training
  • Preparation and Recovery


Laying the Groundwork

  • Understand the biomechanics of exercises
  • How to teach stillness
  • Tips to better sits and downs
  • Essential guide to achieving and sustaining proper standing posture
  • Maximize the benefits of elevations
  • Master the effective use of stable and unstable equipment


50+ Strengthening Exercises

  • For isolated body parts and full-body workouts
    • Grouped by body parts
    • Bonus chapter: Mobility exercises
    • Bonus chapter: Speed training and Plyometrics


Altogether: 56 Detailed Video Lessons + 52 Pictorial and Written Explanations for Complete Mastery

  • Enhance your educational experience with comprehensive visual and written explanations for deeper understanding
  • Divided into easily accessible chapters


Comprehensive Tips and Troubleshooting

  • Detailed tips for exercise observation
  • Exercise guidelines and safety notes for proper execution
  • Troubleshooting tips to address potential issues and gain the best strengthening outcomes


Unlimited Lifetime Access to the Complete Course Content

  • Exercises that remain valuable throughout your dog's entire agility career
  • Timeless learning: A course with no starting or ending dates
  • Progress at your own pace, tailoring the difficulty level to keep up with the content
  • Restart anytime: Take a break from training and resume the course at your convenience
  • Train with different dogs whenever you desire


User-Friendly Course Compatible with Any Device

  • Comprehensive, step-by-step, and well-structured
    • A ready-to-use course that balances simplicity with depth
    • Learn from the comfort of home or during your daily nature walks
    • No expensive equipment required, utilize everyday items for effective workouts


Exclusive Facebook Community for Enhanced Support

We have your back in every corner of your dog fitness journey! Our closed Facebook group is a safe space to open up and move forward. Members chat about fitness, share progress, get the guidance, and motivate each other within the cool Dogs4motion family!


Easy-to-Follow Course with Bi-Weekly Chapter Progression

To facilitate easy learning and maximum progress, the chapters will be made available to you on a bi-weekly basis, gradually unlocking new content within each chapter.


Fun Quizzes to Test Your Learning

These quizzes serve as a delightful way to reinforce what you've learned, challenge yourself, and track your progress.

Wait! There's More ...

You’ll Get These Amazing Extra Bonuses Too!

Bonus 1 NEW

6+2 Weeks of Done-for-You Training Plans

  • 6+2 complete training-week schedules with structured workouts
  • Training tips
  • Planned regeneration days
  • Several difficulty levels
  • Never run out of ideas on how to continue and progress

Bonus 2

A Complete Breakdown of Every Agility Element

Discover how dogs move on the agility field. Enhance observational skills, uncover key elements, and grow as a trainer.

Bonus 3

Tune Your Dog Up for Competition

Learn to structure training, schedule rest days, and manage workload for stellar performance.

Bonus 4

Downloadable PDFs with Training Examples

Keep notes and easily track your progress with done-for-you sheets and workout training examples.

Hear The Voice of
Satisfied Trainers and Competitors:

»100/100 … All the exercises are really clear, it’s going to make a big difference, the most complete training I’ve taken.«

Lucie Dessureault

Dogs give their best every time they step on the training/competition field and doing my best to keep them healthy and physically prepared for all the challenges, is something I owe them as the owner and handler. And just because of that,

Jana’s conditioning classes are a huge part of our training and warming up/cooling down routine. All exercises are designed in a way to make it as safe for the dog as possible, she puts a lot of attention to details (which is REALLY important when we come to conditioning) and on top of that, Jana knows really well how to adapt to every individual dog and give them what they need the most (when you have breeds that are not really “social butterflies”, working with someone who understands dog’s character is really important).

So thank you Jana for your great classes and for all the “live” training and check-ups! It means a lot to me, to have someone so skilled watching over my dogs!

Katarina Podlipnik Capuder – Slovenia

World champion of FMBB in FCI Obedience in Germany (2017), Slovenia (2018); Vice-champion in Czech Republic (2019)

The written information provides details so that the participant has multisensory learning addressed (visual video, visual and cognitive reading, audio, etc.).

The details about the purpose of the exercise are fantastic. The introduction regarding the physiology of conditioning is probably a deterrent to some, preventing them from starting basic exercises. I would rearrange at least a couple of foundational exercises and place them sooner. I enjoyed the didactic portion, but I was already aware of most of it from PT and Canine Rehab. Always good to have all my sources agree, so I was very glad to have it.

Diana Johnson-Ford

Very nice explanations, diverse progressive exercises even for beginners, abundant videos, diagrams, and PDFs.

Laure Courdy

Have a Taste

Let me show you one of the exercises
that you will find in this course – The Drop Jumps:

THE exercise that’ll raise your AGILITY athlete's performance!

Play Video

I know you’re interested in doing what’s best for your dog while also taking its abilities to new heights, so I’ve pulled out a simple exercise that’ll help you do just that.

With this type of training session, you can improve your dog’s overall power and explosiveness!

Enjoy the video. 😊

P. S.

We’ve got a lot more where that came from. In fact, this video was only taken from the introductory plyometric exercises lecture! In the actual course, you can expect exercises that are even more advanced and will take your dog to even higher heights.

I just know you’re going to love this one and I can’t wait for you to get started!

We Stand Behind You:

30-Day Money-Back Guarantee
Because Your Satisfaction Matters

I am so confident in Agility Dynamics In Control Course that I’m willing to “put my money where my mouth is” and back up your purchase with a 100 % money-back guarantee. 

If you don’t feel Agility Dynamics In Control Course is right for you, I’ll refund every cent you paid – no questions asked.

If you haven't been doing conditioning exercises that mimic the motions and demands of agility, or if you're still unsure whether your training plan is appropriate, now is the perfect time to seek guidance. These are the exact exercises I use with my own dogs to ensure they are optimally prepared.

So don't miss out! Seize the opportunity and join right now.

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