For your up-and-coming agility prospect.


Puppy Goals


Raise a champ! Set your puppy
up for a successful agility journey.

Start by building on the right foundations.
Discover why it’s so important to start early on.
Build an understanding from a young age.
Establish teamwork with your pup.
Enjoy the benefits of increased body awareness.

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This course is designed by Beata Luchowska, a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine, a Certified Canine Physiotherapist and an active competitor participating on international levels.

A 12-week-long program for puppy owners

… With tested and guided exercises for puppies who want a head start in agility.

Are you looking to take part in agility in the future?

Would you like to make use of your puppy’s early months to set them up for success?

This is the course for you if you’re looking for some expert guidance along the way.


…  If you’re ready to conquer agility with your pup.

Ready, steady…Start!


European Open Germany 2015
Border Collie Classic Germany 2019
Agility World Championship Luxembourg 2014
European Open Italy 2017
Border Collie Classic 2019
Magna Racino 2018
Nilla Hugarian Open 2019
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European Open Germany 2015
Border Collie Classic Germany 2019
Agility World Championship Luxembourg 2014
European Open Italy 2017
Border Collie Classic 2019
Magna Racino 2018
Nilla Hugarian Open 2019

I know what it feels like …

To look forward to an agility career that lies ahead of you and your new pup.

But you feel like you’re sitting on pins and needles at the same time.

Excited to start but impatient and unsure about what you can work on right now when your puppy is still young.

I’ve been where you stand right now!

I was ready to take on the world with my puppy Sante but had to wait until she was old enough.

Excited, but at the same time worried:

“What if I miss out on the most important developmental months of her life?”

“What if I don’t take advantage of her puppyhood enough?”

Sante is a puppy I kept from my beloved successful female.

She was born in our house and watching her grow up was an amazing experience.

She was a cute, fat-belly, hamster for a while.

Then she started to show her true crazy personality pretty fast. 

Once her siblings were gone and we could start our puppy training, my first thought was:

“how on earth will this bouncy, happy, easily distracted fluffball deal with all that serious agility stuff?”.

But then I thought to myself: “hey – we have her whole puppyhood to work on that”. 

So I set out and made a list of mental challenges that are important to work on and build from the start.

I then put them into small tasks and drafted in-depth lessons around them.

I knew that the lessons I created would:

     1.   Best help Sante prepare for the agility tasks that awaited her in the future.
     2.  Keep things lighthearted and fun at the same time.

I made sure the learning process would be fun for Sante.

I gave her ample time to play, and the opportunity to still be as happy a puppy as she could be during the process.

I know what skills were stopping my students from proceeding with obstacle training.

The best option is to return to the basics and work on those before being able to proceed – basics like:

➤ Building focus.
➤ Toy ethics.
➤ Food drive.
➤ Self-control.

So, I knew that it is important to build on these foundations with Sante while she was still a puppy.

This is why our sequence training journey was so much smoother once she was old enough to work on that.

Now Sante is capable of running short sequences with ease.

I love that we were able to start sequence training with an already built skillset from the work we did in her puppyhood.

We started with the foundations early on in her puppyhood.

This gave us a competitive advantage.

By the time she was old enough to start sequence training, we had already become an amazing team:

➤ She enjoyed working with me.
➤ She valued both food and toys.
➤ She was aware of her body.
➤ She knew what she was physically capable of.
➤ She knew how to move her body and limbs.

Why choose my courses?
The proof is in the pudding.

Karolina Augustyn, Poland

I met Beata 3 years ago when I started my adventure with agility. Beza, my small mixbreed dog, requires a lot of work and patience. Thanks to Beata we participated in our first competition. She pays attention to details. She showed us how to train correctly and how to prepare a dog to avoid injuries.

Thanks to her online training I’ve learned how to explain the basics of agility to my puppy. Everything is easy-to-understand. The material is full of knowledge and important comments that are useful in training. I believe that Beata has great skills in transferring knowledge and will be able to help everyone, even if you are not an easy student – like me

Natalia Karpinska, Poland

I am very happy that I’ve decided to take part in online agility trainings with Beata. Her exercises are great for both beginners and for more advanced handlers who own a new young dog.

Both me and my dog have learned a lot! The material is presented in a clear way. I received feedback on my videos and questions regularly, so I could correct mistakes on a daily basis.

This course is ideal for:

Passionate beginners

➤ If you are a beginner looking forward to trying your hand at agility in the future.

➤ The perfect introduction to the sport.

➤ Build preliminary knowledge for your agility journey.

Keen Hobbyists

➤ If you have already dabbled in agility.

➤ If you would like to give your new puppy the right foundations.

➤ Ensure you blossom with confidence once you step on the field with an adult dog.

Seasoned competitors

➤ For experienced handlers.

➤ If you are looking for guidance that will thoroughly prepare your puppy for a bright future in agility.

➤ Get a competitive edge.


Get a head start in agility with Puppy Goals now.

This is a proven program!

The things I teach in this course have not only worked for me
but for countless other students who I have trained.

Sylwia Połomska, USA

We had so much fun during online course with Beata Luchowska! Beata is a fantastic instructor, very knowledgeable and detail oriented. All skills were explained thoroughly, videos were super helpful and Beata was always there to help out with individual problems. Highly recommended.

Imagine what it will be like…

Feeling accomplished as you and your puppy begin working together as a team.
Feeling prepared for real obstacle work when your dog is older. You’ll be confident in their abilities and coordination skills.
Feeling assured that you’re covering the right foundational exercises for the sport.
Feeling knowledgeable about the agility-related skills you can work on outside the field at a young age.
Feeling satisfied with your puppy’s progress with body awareness.
Feeling relieved in knowing which tricks and fitness exercises are safe for your growing puppy.
Being aware of the reward you should choose to have a successful session with your puppy.
Feeling a sense of belonging as you become a part of a small community od dog agility enthusiasts. You’ll be able to connect with and learn from other people’s progress with their dogs as well.


Achieve all of the above and more with Puppy Goals now.

So, what’s included in this course?

1. Communication & Rewards 101

➤ Get the knowledge and skill set to enable you and your puppy to work in harmony.
➤ Understand how your puppy learns.
➤ Know what makes a successful training session.
➤ Foster teamwork.
➤ Work with your puppy’s attention span, with their favourite reward.
➤ Understand the magic of routine.

2. The Tricks Bank

Master agility foundations in a fun and entertaining way.

Teach your puppy how to:

➤ Think.
➤ Problem solve.
➤ Work with enthusiasm.
➤ Move their body.

3. Engagement Toolbox

➤ Build laser focus and play drive.
➤ Boost your puppy’s confidence.
➤ Teach them to be team player.
➤ Increase the value of food for them.
➤ Establish forward focus and more.

4. Impulse Control Handbook

➤ Tame your puppy’s arousal.
➤ Teach them when to give their 200%.
➤ Teach them when to wait with patience.
➤ Teach them how to stay.
➤ Teach them how to work in different environments, and under various distractions.

5. Groundwork Guide

➤ Teach your puppy how to move.
➤ Learn about the rear cross, blind cross, and front cross.
➤ Start on basic directionals through fun games.
➤ Teach your pup to get into the handler’s rhythm and more!

6. Fitness Manual

➤ Prepare your dog’s body for the activities you plan to do together.
➤ Start building body awareness and work on proprioception exercises from a young age.
➤ Delve into agility-focused fitness exercises and raise a champ.

7.Listening Games

Verbal cues matter more and more in modern agility.

Our courses are not straight forward and obstacle entries are rarely very obvious.

So, it’s important that your dog knows the meaning of your words and doesn’t rely only on your body language.

You will receive a whole chapter on listening games, so you and your puppy can:

➤ Work on cue discrimination.
➤ Play verbal games.
➤ Learn how to build value for your cues.

And it doesn’t stop there!

You’ll be getting a number of bonuses too.

Bonus 1 - Chapter on Distance Work

Many agility dogs struggle with working at a distance. So, I like to start working on it early on.

As a bonus in this course, you will receive a whole chapter on distance work:

➤ Discover how to send your dog.
➤ Teach your puppy how to work at a distance.
➤ Encourage your puppy to gain independence.

Bonus 2 - Worksheets.

Change comes with building habits. So to help you get your ideas on paper I have also included worksheets in this course!

Minimal equipment needed


Long leash toy

Elevated bed

Agility-puppy owners from all over the world have invested heaps of time and money ...

... to work through problems which you’ll get the chance to completely avoid by building the right foundations, early on.

I wanted to do this to help your agility journey feel like smooth sailing once your dog is old enough to start real training.

Puppy Goals will give you the opportunity to set your puppy up for success from a young age – when their minds are especially impressionable.

➤ Waiting at the start line does not have to be as hard as it seems.

➤ Working with your dog as a team does not have to be as hard as it seems.

➤ Understanding verbal cues does not have to be as hard as it seems.

And it all starts with solid foundations.

If you’re ready to start working on things with your young puppy now and don’t want their crucial developmental months to go to waste, you’ve come to the right place at the right time.

Because the knowledge and professional guidance you’ll gain in this course can hardly be found anywhere else online!

I wanted to make this knowledge available for you so you and your pup can excel on the field once they’re older.

So if you want to join a community of agility enthusiasts and pave the way to success one puppy step at a time…

Then it’s time to pick up your clicker, bring your puppy, and get started!

Are you ready to take the first step towards greatness?!

Get started on agility foundations with your puppy now.

I can’t wait to see you and your dog succeed and your story be the next testimonial on this page!

So if you want to join our fellow agility enthusiasts and gain access to my years’ worth of knowledge and experience…Then it’s time to roll up your sleeves, warm up your dog and get going!

And guess what?

Not only will this course teach you the agility essentials but will also STRENGTHEN THE BOND you have with your dog!

Are you ready to get started!?

Ready, steady … Start! With our Puppy Goals For Agility class!


  1. Welcome
  2. Raising a champ
  3. What you need & managing the space
  4. How to follow the class
  5. Course agenda – in case you get lost
  1. Attention span
  2. Choosing the reward
  3. The importance of keywords
  4. Eyes: where to look and why
  5. 3D rule
  6. Course planners (worksheet)
  1. Tools for development
  2. Startline position
  3. Nose touch
  4. Targeting
  5. Get on/in
  6. High fives
  7. Figure 8
  1. Stress response
  2. Laser focus
  3. Where is..? Focus game
  4. Toy drive – make them shark
  5. Confidence boost
  6. Go get it – forward focus
  7. How to be a team player
  8. Upgrade the cookie drive
  1. Shark under control
  2. Go get it revisited
  3. Nose targeting
  4. Ready or steady?
  5. Environments & distractions
  1. Get your spot
  2. Send away
  3. Building distance
  4. Walking very backwards
  1. Words do matter
  2. Verbal discrimination
  3. Building word value
  4. Ups & downs
  • Warm-up/cool down
  • Startlines with the jump
  • Planking
  • Seesaw bang games
  • Pre-contact fitness
  • Safe spot & settling
  1. Blind cross & rear cross
  2. Football cone game (front cross, blind cross, rear cross)
  3. Go straight
  4. Getting into the handler’s rhythm
  5. 2on2off position & progression
  1. Introduction
  2. Balance & weight distribution
  3. Body awareness, coordination & mobility
  4. Correct movement patterns


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One time payment
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  • 80+ lessons with 55+ videos!
  • Visual and written content
  • BONUS: Chapter on Distance Skills
  • BONUS: Worksheets


One time payment
$ 170
  • Save 15 % on this page only
  • 1 Year Long Access to the Content
  • 80+ lessons with 55+ videos!
  • Visual and written content
  • BONUS: Chapter on Distance Skills
  • BONUS: Worksheets

This course is the product of science-based, veterinary, and canine sport medicinal knowledge, published research, personal experience from working in canine rehabilitation, and hands-on agility training experience.


Growing up in a stimulating environment is associated with better learning ability and memory, decreased fearfulness, and an improved ability to cope with acute stressors.

Neural consequences of environmental enrichment, Nature Reviews Neuroscience volume, van Praag, H.; Kempermann, G.; Gage, 2000

Dogs might be more predisposed to associate verbal commands with actions rather than objects. These predispositions may not be apparent in many day-to-day interactions with dogs but (…) are important to appreciate if we wish to maximize the efficiency of training to verbal commands

Limitations in the learning of verbal content by dogs during the training of OBJECT and ACTION commands, Journal of Veterinary Behavior, Ramosab D., Mills D., 2019

The provision of problem-solving games as mental/physical challenges has the potential to reduce fearfulness in adult dogs.

Problem Solving Games as a Tool to Reduce Fear in Dogs: Preliminary Results. In Proceedings of the Third Canine Science Forum, Zilocchi, M.; Guardini, G.; Capitani, A.; Ciminnisi, J.; Mariti, C.; Gazzano, 2012


I’m sure by now you know quite a bit about my course! But, let me tell you a little bit about me too.

I am an active agility competitor, a doctor of veterinary medicine and a rehab practitioner. I teach agility specifics and educate dog owners worldwide.

I am a dog sports enthusiast and have been active in the field for over 15 years now! I enjoy the challenges of modern agility and I’m always motivated to find new solutions and to grow as a trainer.

This very attitude helped me qualify for the Agility World Championships and European Open with 3 dogs, all of different breeds. To top it all off, I have reached the podium on the biggest international events, multiple times!

I got started on my canine journey by graduating in veterinary medicine. Inspired by my four-legged patients, I decided to continue my education and became a certified canine physiotherapist.

I like to use my professional knowledge to help improve the performance of canine athletes.

  • Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (Veterinary Faculty, Wroclaw University of Environmental and Life Sciences, Poland)
  • Certified Canine Physiotherapist (Faculty of Animal Physiotherapy, AMBItion Poland)
  • Active competitor on international levels (2nd place in B.A.C.K. Finals ’20, 3rd place in Border Collie Classic Final 19′)
Beata Luchowska

My students love my
agility specific courses:

“One of the best foundation classes
I did so far (and I did a lot 😜 ).”

“Kandik graduated from the Essential Agility Training Skills with Beata Luchowska. Beata puts great focus on the dog´s health with a lot of super effective exercises. I am really happy with the foundations we laid down. 💪😀”

Elisabeth Fitzthum

“A lot of basics, technical skills, body language, dog fitness, and also some awesome challenges.” 🔥

“Finally I can post our 🎓 Graduation Video of Beata Luchowska’s and Dogs4motion Academy for active dogs’ course – Essential Agility Training Skills. 🐾

I’m so happy with the work we’ve done during these 4 months with my little 🐿️Squirrel Sissi. Thank you once more Beata! Can’t wait for the continuation!” ❤ 😊

Ania Jaworska


Every dog teaches us something new but I know you don’t want to be that trainer who looks back on your dog’s puppyhood and thinks “man I wish I would have done more and worked on that when they were a puppy”.

Agility beginnings don’t start with obstacles, they start with simple skill-building exercises, teamwork, and fitness preparation early on. 

I know you’re excited to start working with your puppy now, so… good news is – you don’t have to wait around. Let’s get to it! 

Whether you’re looking to give your agility dog a competitive advantage when they’re older, are excited to start working with your puppy, or whether you’re just looking for guidance with building agility foundations, this course is for you!

Frequently Asked Questions

You can start when your puppy is 3 months old. This course is appropriate for any puppy who is above that age (even if they’re over a year old – in their head they might still be a puppy).
We will use a clicker, a toy on a long leash, and a dog bed (preferably an elevated or portable one). And for fitness purposes, you will need 1 or 2 non-slippery platforms that are no higher than the height of your dog’s hocks. We will be creative and use random objects for different tricks.
No, definitely not. This course is focused on building agility-related skills outside of the course. However, I have included a chapter on what you can actually do with a puppy on the agility field if you are there. In addition, in one of the lessons, we will also be using a lowered plank from the dogwalk for a number of coordination exercises and for the purpose of meeting a new surface.

Puppy FUNdamentals is geared at teaching your dog how to use, and move, their bodies – a sort of introduction to life. Puppy Goals on the other hand was created to build the groundwork for agility, and to teach your puppy the skills (both mental and physical) that they will need on the course when they’re older.

You will have access to my help and feedback for the duration of the course – 12 weeks. But you will have access to the course for one year after purchasing it.

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