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FUNdamentals K9 Conditioning Course x
Pia Bildt Strom (Falun, SE)

Great course!

Great Course & Great Information

I am always looking at ways to help my dogs health and ensuring they are well looked after! This has been a great course very informative, helpful, easy to follow instructions on how to warm up and cool my dog down before and after Agility. I cannot wait to put it into practise with my dogs!

An essential course when you are raising an agility dog!

I have been doing agility for 12 years already but this didn’t stop me from joining this class! I’m on my 3rd dog and I felt I needed a schedule to raise my new puppy, plus I’m always eager to expand my knowledge. When starting with an agility dog, all the things he needs to learn can make us feel overwhelmed and this is what I wanted to avoid. So I followed this course as an auditor, I took it slow, adapted it to the needs of my boy and set solid foundations. Astra climbed to A3 in a blink of an eye and by the age of 2,5 years is already qualified for the EO and AWC 2024! There are still some skills that are missing but thanks to the lifetime access, I can go back to the class whenever I need to!

Easy to follow & very informative

This course was very informative and also extremely easy to follow. The exercises and stretches were very well explained and the visuals were helpful as well. I just wish there was more variety on exercises for the different dog sports such as disc, disc freestyle, dock diving, etc.

FUNdamentals for Puppies K9 Conditioning Course
Françoise Métroz (Geneva, CH)
Cours très complet pour les chiots

Comme d'habitude un cours très bien construit et complet pour l'entraînement des chiots cette fois avec toutes les étapes bien expliquées, le pourquoi du comment, etc... Je recommande chaudement.

Let's Learn Dog Massage
Lea Myllys (Helsinki, FI)
Excellent course!

Very Informative and easy to follow. The dogs loved it!

Solid Startline Stay
Mary Brown (Holiday, US)
Very happy with the start line stay class

We are still a work in progress but I am seeing improvement. He just gets so excited in the ring. All your information makes sense and easy to follow and my boy is very willing to work with me.

Mastering Performance Tricks
Elena De Bijl (Clarkson, AU)
skillful dogs

Very clear explanations/instructions and good videos. Thank you! It would be good to make more courses with more tricks.

Let's Learn Dog Massage
Lizette (Vernon, US)
Great course!

Easy course to follow and saw my dogs immediately relaxing and enjoying it.

Trickster's Toolbox
A.J. (Lier, BE)

So far i am very happy with the trick toolbox. Although most of the information is not new, it helps to have it clair en logical in one place.

Great Course That I Can Easily Follow!

I have been lacking in the warm up department with my dog and since he has had an injury in the last few months, this has become very important to me. This course was easy to follow with good examples and a PDF that I can download and put in my trial bag. Plus, the price was great so I added it to my other course!

5 Steps for Better Jump Performance
Enjoying your perspective

My goal is to not rush through this. What I see; I like. Slightly different take on similar materials that I have encountered. Refreshing.


Trovo questo corso davvero fantastico! Ho notato una crescita notevole della mia cucciola , lezione dopo lezione !
Ha una consapevolezza del suo corpo davvero diversa rispetto ai cuccioli della sua età. È servito tantissimo anche a me per essere più precisa nel lavoro con la mia cucciola

Mastering Performance Tricks
Karen Wisler (Salem, US)
Mastering Performance Tricks

My dog loves learning new tricks and I love teaching her. The videos and explanations are the best I've seen on the internet. I can't wait for additional tricks classes to be offered.

Let's Learn Dog Massage
Stef Meier (Auckland, NZ)
Great straightforward info

I really enjoyed this course. It covered the basics thoroughly and simply. Very easy to understand. Thanks!

Tricks for Enriching Walks
Debbie P. (Montreal, CA)
Great tricks !

I am just starting to « work » with my dog and she is responding very well. The videos and comments are easy to follow and complete. Happy with my purchase !

Let's Learn Dog Massage
Karyn (Montreal, CA)
All around fantastic!

I've taken 3-4 massage courses so far, and I found the explanation for the how, why, what, where etc., very informative, easy to follow and implement and I'm so glad the cooperative care was included - a hugely important aspect sometimes overlooked. Thank you!

Let's Learn Dog Massage
Lila (Helsinki, FI)
Great course

It's not my first massage course but the first one left me with many unanswered questions. They all have been answered now! The part about cooperation is very important and yet it was also missing from my previous training.

Pauline Melia (Belsize Park, GB)
Not for me

If I had wanted so much reading and theory I would have bought a book There needs to be far more hints and tips and practical application I have read all the theory so many times before For me this has been a waste of time Is there a FB group wher we can share our challenges and get actual support No sense of being part of a group who are struggling with loose leash walking Does not live up to expectations

Piece of Cake Dog Ownership
Evi Papailiou (Athens, GR)
Very organized and insightful course

Both for beginner dog owners and most seasoned ones, I think this course will be extremely helpful in putting things to do in order! Think about it as a checklist of base skills that can be built on! Great job you guys <3

Mary Shaw (Littleton, US)
Love the work

I love the work and believe in the process that you are outlining. You have done a great job giving us lots of background and theory. Because of my learning style I tend to need more work interjected into the reading so that I can really apply it well.

Alison True (Liverpool, GB)

The course is well laid out but much of it isn't new to me . We have made progress for sure but only because I have made a renewed effort to put what I'd previously learned in practice.
I do find it frustrating that, within the course, rather than give you some specific information you give a link to another 'package' to buy. I also find it frustrating getting bombarded with emails about other chasing the tale and dogs 4 motion products.

Karin Hoffmann (Reutlingen, DE)
we like the course, but we are still waiting for the personal support

The course is very well designed. Although I already know many skills, the clear plan and structure leads us very well. Since we started, Momo has become calmer und more able to work with me. But the distraction of the cars is still very high and exciting, because of this I sent you a video on 29.3. and I didn´t get an answer yet, so now I am getting a little impatient. If the mail didn´t arrive I can send it again.
Best regards Karin & Beardie Momo

Helped me fill in the gaps of my puppy training

I loved this class. It gives you a methodical and thorough approach to the training of a young puppy. I felt very comfortable with all the training and conditioning plans because she is a vet and agility competitor.

Tricks for Enriching Walks
A.H. (Globe, US)
tricks for enriching walks

Fantastic lessons. I am a trainer and I still learned so much from this course! Thank you!

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