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Let's Learn Dog Massage
N.L. (Fleming Island, US)
Easy to follow

Excellent instructional video

Agility specific Warm-Up/Cool-Down routine
Allana Kimber (Abbotsford, CA)
Clear instruction

Everything is explained clearly and I love having an easy to follow list with exercises and repetitions/length of time for each exercise!

FUNdamentals K9 conditioning course
annelyojamets@gmail.com (Tallinn, EE)
FUNdamentals K9 conditioning course

I am very satisfied, the course taught me to observe the dog's body and movements, and the educational videos helped a lot with the exercises.

Great info.

Especially liked that each exercise had a number of repetitions.

focused mind and better posture

My dog Dala has a less active time during the week (we play active or brain games inside mostly) and we go hiking 1-2 times monthly.. she is 6 and has been rescued. she had the same behavioral issues due to fear and abandoned. Working on posture, accuracy, and fitness she is calmer and focused. she enjoys the sessions and even gets tired after the worm up :D. I think she will be more confident less anxious and less fearful. It was very nice to transform basic obedience cues such as sit, stay, down, or tricks as baw into fitness exercises and I understood the correct posture she needs to keep. it is a very useful and easy-to-follow course and my dog enjoys it very much. either I do!! Thank you.

Let's Learn Dog Massage
Helen (Wigan, GB)
Great video

The video gives clear demonstration of the hand movement on different parts of the dog body . At the moment I can't get pass stroking my dogs shoulder blades. 😫 Both dogs get up. Hopefully they get use to the touch and we can progress further. 🙏


I love this course. Easy and simple steps for warm-up and cool-down short videos.

Let's Learn Dog Massage
Customer (Prague, CZ)
helpfull infomation

great videos and text informations

Now I know

How to properly warm up and cool down. And not just for agility. The advices are easily adoptable to other K9 Sports activities with some imagination and creativity, based on the knowledge from this course.

Agility specific Warm-Up/Cool-Down routine
Anneke Roozeboom (Helmond, NL)
warm up/cool down

Great course, well explained.

FUNdamentals K9 conditioning course
ioana sava (Florești, RO)
Calmer, relaxed

hello. My Name is Ioana and my dog's name is Dala. She is a 6 yo rescue female. she is very excited and smart but a little sloppy. doesn't care too much for form just "let's do and have fun". obviously is my fault I didn't know how to train her accurately but thanks to this course I found out a good way to work her on form and health and to keep her more relaxed after the training. We are not doing any sports but I think this fitness course helps her be focused and cope better in new situations, having more confidence. (we went slowly, still in the first week) Thank you Jana for your teachings!! best wishes from Romania.

Agility Dynamics in Control​ course
Customer (Adelaide, AU)
Fantastic Course

I am new to the agility world. This course perfectly explains the impact of the agility equipment on the dogs body and presents exercises that are specifically designed to copy the dogs movements on the agility field.
The explanations/video's are detailed and easy to follow. Sooo many exercises to choose from with lots of options for progression. 👍
The prepared weekly workouts are very helpful 🙂
It's a fantastic course. My girl absolutely loves doing the exercises while my mind is at ease knowing that I train her in a safe manner 👍🙂

FUNdamentals K9 conditioning course
Customer (Adelaide, AU)
Great foundation course

Great foundation course to get started on conditioning your dog while also having fun together. Very helpful information about your dog's body 🙂
Great videos! Exercises are well explained.

Let's Learn Dog Massage
J.H. (Melbourne, AU)
helpful information

thanks for a wonderful course. The instructions were clear and easy to follow

Warm Up / Cool Down

I've always known I needed to warm up my dogs prior to their runs, but I wasn't including the sport specific activities. I like having a routine spelled out for me to follow each time, so I am not trying to remember what to do.

Let's Learn Dog Massage
Lisa (Matthews, US)
great information

great information on how to do basic massage and PROM. thanks

Let's Learn Dog Massage
Kim Campbell (Nanaimo, CA)
Loving the massage course

I am loving learning how to massage properly and my dogs are loving being test subjects.

Agility specific Warm-Up/Cool-Down routine
Sonia Gosselin (Brampton, CA)
Warm-up/Cool Down

Very good, detailed explanations and the videos are very explanatory.


Las explicaciones son súper claras y como se puede ver de nuevo cuando lo necesitas, ayuda a ir memorizando cada paso. Lo pondremos en práctica 💪🏻

Puppy Fundamwntals

This class is excellent! Broken down in to “Puppy” steps it is so fun for my puppy. The course builds on fundamentals and Jana explains what to look for as we progress. I would recommend it to anyone with a puppy.

I've never had told how to do a warm up or cool down. It was very helpfull to organise my knowledge.

Agility specific Warm-Up/Cool-Down routine
Stefanie Dehling (Dorsten, DE)
Sollte jeder Agi-Sportler lernen

Toller Kurs. Kurz und knappe, für jedermann verständliche Erklärungen warum Warm up & Cool down wichtig ist. Mit ganz wenig abwechslungsreichen Übungen lässt sich jeder Hund ohne viel Aufwand fit halten und die meisten "Tricks" kennt man eh aus dem Alltag. Ganz toll umgesetze Übungsübersicht.

Obedience specific Warm-Up/Cool-Down routine
Judith Kraus-Ebel (Runkel, DE)
Very informative and helpful

I really liked the course. Lots of helpful informations and exercises easily explained. Thanks a lot.

Solid Startline Stay
Sabina Gebbia (Möhlin, CH)
Solid Startline

I like the LITTLE steps to progress in a fun playing way. I would have been happy to know more about the theme: how can i transfer the "run" in the reward of staying...

Puppy Goals for Agility
Antonio Sciarratta (Messina, IT)
Very interesting

The course was very interesting And give me very things to work. I’m sure I Will buy another .

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