Essential Agility Training Skills


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Janette and June (Kingston, CA)

I am new to agility and have a young dog. This course was just what I needed to gain confidence and start my dog out on the correct path right from the beginning. The foundation exercises have been so beneficial for both my confidence, and my puppy. I am going forward in our agility journey with a "WE CAN DO THIS !!! attitude. Thank you Dogs4motion.

Annette Jensen (Marslet, DK)
Great course

I love this course! It is perfect for training my young dog handling skills.

Thanks for the great course!

I have been enjoying agility with my dogs for nearly 20 years and this is the first time I have learned such meaningful basics.
We have a Border Collie puppy (Arlo) and we are taking what we learned from you and incorporating it into our training.

I like the way of this online lesson, and the ability to start at the student's own time.
The system does not allow the student to complete all the lessons at once (e.g., the next lesson cannot be viewed until 2 weeks have passed).

I would like to take the course again when other courses are available. Thank you very much.

Here is a video of him growing up now. Thank you very much. YouTube video placeholder
Anges Fulop (Budapest, HU)
Great course

Essential Agility is a perfect course if you like structures, and need guidance for your training. The weekly planner is really helpful, all the lessons are clear, and easy to follow. I really liked the sequences, they show the perfect development of the training, from easy to harder exercises. They are also tips for smalles, more sensitive dogs, the course is not just about border collies. I highly recommend this course, especially if you love the structure, and following steps, and tick off boxes/tasks :)

Barbara Davis (West Palm Beach, US)
Essential Agility Skills - worth watching!

I am a long time agility person, and have won multiple National Championships and been on 10+ plus world teams. I found many things in this course useful and helpful for myself and for helping teach others. Beata's awareness of being careful with the training of young dogs was evident throughout. Things I particularly liked was The Pointing Game. The steps presented built understanding of this cue at a distance. I thought her presentations on discriminations and verbals had some great ideas to help build understanding in a fair manner to the dog. I really liked the training of the double threadle with the tight turn cue and the pole to emphasize to come to the take off side of the next jump as early as possible before the next jump. I have always tried to do this with handling but I like the pole to help make it clear to the dog as well! Also like the exercise with the tunnel to the threadle jump. Great for students and for dogs who you need to keep energized. Overall some great ideas to add to my training! Glad I signed up.