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Debbie Williams (Shildon, GB)
Nice home routine

This is a well thought out easy to follow routine for anyone wishing to take an active role in their own dog's mobility and overall health

V.G. (Zagreb, HR)

Course was okay but learning just 3 -4 type of strokes is a little bit defic for me, and I would like that you made a full video of whole dog massage without stopping video.

Lea Myllys (Helsinki, FI)
Excellent course!

Very Informative and easy to follow. The dogs loved it!

Lizette (Vernon, US)
Great course!

Easy course to follow and saw my dogs immediately relaxing and enjoying it.

Stef Meier (Auckland, NZ)
Great straightforward info

I really enjoyed this course. It covered the basics thoroughly and simply. Very easy to understand. Thanks!

5 star reviews of our members

Zara Da Costa, Jersey

Really enjoyed this course. Very informative. Videos were very helpful.

Jo Ann Caperna-Ford, USA

I compete in several dog sports. It’s important to me to keep my dogs not only conditioned but conditioned correctly. I found this course to be extremely beneficial.

Cassidy Meyer, United Kingdom

Excellent! This knowledge will definitely come in useful. I love for my dogs to feel good and relaxed, especially since they are active agility dogs, so it is wonderful to have this knowledge of basic massage techniques that I can use on them to feel great. It is also a lovely thing to do with them, just to spend some time together and making them feel good.

I will definitely use these massages on our days off of training. Thank you!

Brenda Buffum, USA

I found the course very easy to follow and informative.

Anna Kunichyk, Ukraine

I always really wanted to learn how to properly massage a dog. The course is very useful. Without further ado. But in an accessible language for understanding the process.



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