the expert secrets of canine conditioning
in a fun, easy and effective way

Improve your dog’s physical and mental abilities step by step
without having to invest more than 10 minutes per day.

FUNdamentals K9 conditioning course is designed by
Jana Gams, DVM, CCRP, active competitor in Agility and FCI Obedience

This course is ideal for:

D4M_Sport dog

Sporting and working dogs

To decrease risk of injury, increase accuracy in tasks, and enhance their peak performance

D4M_Family dog

Family and older dogs

To improve the longevity of our dogs and keep them fit and mentally stimulated

DGM_Young dog

Young dogs

To help them learn how to use their body in safe, controlled and low-impact conditions at first

Here’s what encouraged me to design this program for you.
And it’s not what you’re thinking ...

I know exactly what it feels like not knowing where to start, what to do and how to do it correctly.

Worrying about whether you’re overloading or skipping something.

Being afraid that you’ll do something wrong and harm your loyal buddy.

After all, dogs are athletes.

And we all want happy, long, active and healthy lives for them, right?

When I was still a veterinary student, I struggled a lot with finding good educational content on how to help my sweet puppy Genie after she broke her tibia in an accident she had at 10 weeks.

I still remember the heartbreaking look of those big sad puppy eyes.

My biggest concern was whether she’d ever be able to be normally active again. I had no idea how to prevent her from future compensatory issues.

And above all …

How to enable her to grow up into the healthy, active, and wild adult she was intended to be.

So I did the only thing I knew back then
- rolled up my sleeves and studied hard!

Now I was on a mission.

I dug deeper and deeper into the field of canine conditioning and rehabilitation.

It sort of became my passion, guiding me forward to the canine rehabilitation field also after my veterinary graduation.

And I found out something extraordinary.

See …

The majority of dog owners and trainers focus way too little on the strengthening aspect of training, which is why they never achieve their dog’s full potential.

Be it reaching their top sporting performance, or just enjoying active life with their furry companions to the fullest, and for as long as possible.

I decided to change that.

Finally, FUNdamentals was born!

A step-by-step on-line canine conditioning course for improving your dog’s physical and mental abilities in a safe, efficient and FUN way.

It’s complete, ready to use, balanced, well-structured and easy to understand.

And best of all, you can do it whenever you want, wherever you want.

From the comfort of your home or even when wandering around on your daily walk in the nature.

You don’t need an expensive training menu or sophisticated equipment. Any old piece of furniture or an object from environment will do. 

You will discover the beauty of dog anatomy, body structure, correct positions and all the muscles that are involved in the exercises.

When designing the course,
I had all active dogs in mind, including yours!

I work with many canine athletes on a daily basis.

With participants in World Agility Championships and other big international events, as well as active pet dogs.

I have been an active trainer and competitor in several dog sports with my own dogs (yes, including Genie) for the past 16 years.

All of this has helped me to better understand their needs for excellent physical and mental preparation.

I am very pleased and happy to share this knowledge with you.

Here’s my big promise.

In as little as 10 minutes per day you’ll be able to maximise your dog’s physical and mental abilities and reduce the risk of injuries at the same time.

So far I’ve been able to help 543+ participants from 6 different continents all around the globe.

Get started with your dogs today, because they are worth it!

Jana Gams, DVM, CCRP

  • Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (Veterinary Faculty, University of Ljubljana)
  • CCRP – Certified Canine Rehabilitation Practitioner (University of Tennessee)
  • CEO of Dogs4motion veterinary rehabilitation and hydrotherapy center
  • Active competitor on international levels and FCI Dog Training Instructor in Agility and FCI Obedience

Read personal experiences about the course
from those who have already taken it!

»FUNdamentals is not suitable only for young dogs in sport, but also to keep retired dogs as fit as possible.«

»FUNdamentals is not suitable only for young dogs in sport, but also to keep retired dogs as fit as possible so they can follow the youngsters with daily activities! Just like with human atheletes, also with dogs the major preparation starts away from the main sport. Dogs4Motion offers the whole package; Off the competition season my dogs besides daily hikes mostly do dog fitness and hydrotherapy to stay in shape as only strong and fit dogs will be able to compete in the highest level injury free. Combined with regular physiotherapy I strongly believe this is the way to get dogs best! All my dogs are happy to be a part of Dogs4Motion team!«
Maruša Podjed, Slovenia
Veterinarian, Agility World Championship member and multiple medalist with 3 different dogs, member of European Open since 2012, European Open Champion individual & team in 2018, AWC and EO Vice-champion

»Regardless of what your dogs needs are, Jana always adapts to their individual needs.«

»I started working with Jana almost 3 years ago and ever since, she has been an indespensable part of our training plan. She is always there for us - for conditioning plan and workout (her tips on how to get a specific move from your dog are priceless) or regular preventive check ups and massages. Regardless of what your dogs needs are, Jana always adapts to their individual needs. She is kind and with an amazing feeling and desire to help dogs to be in best shape possible. She gives her heart into every single one of her animal clients and treats them as they were her own. I'm grateful I have a chance to work with such a person as Jana is. And seeing how my dogs adores her, I'm quite certain they feel the same. Thank you Jana!«
Lea Komat, Slovenia
Member of Agility World Championship (2017-2018) & European Open (2016-2019)

»All exercises are designed in a way to make it as safe for the dog as possible. Jana puts a lot of attention to details .«

»Keeping my dogs in top condition is really important to me - not only because that allows them to perform at their best, but also because that helps prevent injuries. Dogs give their best every time they step on the training/competition field and doing my best to keep them healthy and physically prepared for all the challenges, is something I owe them as the owner and handler. And just because of that, Jana's conditioning classes are a huge part of our training and warming up/cooling down routine. All exercises are designed in a way to make it as safe for the dog as possible, she puts a lot of attention to details (which is REALLY important when we come to conditioning) and on top of that, Jana knows really well how to adapt to every individual dog and give them what they need the most (when you have breeds that are not really "social butterflies", working with someone who understands dog's character is really important). So thank you Jana for your great classes and for all the "live" training and check-ups! It means a lot to me, to have someone so skilled watching over my dogs!«
Katarina Podlipnik Capuder, Slovenia
Founder of FUNtastic dog (on-line) training, owner of 8 happy dogs, multiple European Open and Agility World Championship medalist

»I liked the very detailed and understandable explanation of each exercise, a lot of attention is given to the safe execution of exercises.«

»FUNdamentals Conditioning course is a very interesting and wonderful courses. I learned many useful exercises for my dogs. I liked the very detailed and understandable explanation of each exercise, a lot of attention is given to the safe execution of exercises. My dogs perform exercises every week during our walks, at home, before training. And they do theirs with pleasure!«
Elena Murashova, Russia
World champion of FMBB in FCI Obedience in Germany (2017), Slovenia (2018); Vice-champion in Czech Republic (2019)

»FUNdamentals online strength and conditioning course is full of great exercises and information packed.«

»I wish instead of a like button there was a LOVE button for this page! Me and my girls love D4M, their exercises have really made a big difference to our agility! FUNdamentals online strength and conditioning course is full of great exercises and information packed, Jana is very knowledgeable and her responses are extremely detailed. Thank you Jana and team!
Highly recommended!«
Naarah Cuddy, Great Britain
Agility World Championship member in 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2019, Founder of Into Shape Agility

»Super easy to understand and very good feedback!«

»Perfect class for building balance and strength for my dogs, super easy to understand and very good feedback!«
Lisa Frick, Austria
4x Agility World Champion, 9x member and multiple medalist of AWC and EO in the past 10 years, 2x European Open Vice-Champion

»I am really satisfied how my dogs looked after the course and how much better was their coordination.«

»I am really happy that I entered my dogs to Fundamentals online course. This was absolutely super online course. There were very good exercises and really good theory part. Jana's feedback for all the videos was very thorough. I am really satisfied how my dogs looked after the course and how much better was their coordination.«
Birgit Piho, Estonia
Active competitor in Agility, FCI Obedience and IGP

Dogs are natural born athletes.
That’s why they’ll just LOVE this course.
And so will you.

Performing the exercises with pinpoint accuracy

D4M_Performing the exercises

By improving his body awareness / proprioception he’ll know exactly where his feet are during a particular task or position, which will lead to improved accuracy in tasks.

Be it full speed running over a dogwalk in agility, or just getting to wander through the woods without stumbling or misstepping.

Dogs carry 60 % of their body weight on their front end, and they tend to use their front paws in a variety of different actions: digging, grabbing a piece of food or a toy, or exploring new environments, which helps them to know and use the front end of the body well.

But the majority of dogs struggle to control their hind legs, hardly knowing where their hind end is. And for that, proprioceptive exercises are a perfect way to improve this much needed skill in sports performances, as well as in everyday life. This cannot be easily gained during regular daily walks only.

It is also a perfect opportunity for puppies and young dogs to learn how to efficiently move their body, and to grow up into confident and capable adults that will enjoy shared activities with us.

Increased muscle strength & balance

D4M_Jana & Genie

The course will not only contribute to immediate enhanced performance in tasks, but will also help to improve and maintain the dog’s physical condition over break periods.

For example a pause from training, having fewer training opportunities due to bad weather conditions, bitches after a litter, etc … Or when you are dealing with certain conditions (return to activity after past injuries; dogs with chronic degenerative joint diseases, etc.).

Having a break from regular activities decreases the dog’s physical and mental abilities, which puts him at greater risk of injury after returning to sports or normal life.

Thus we must gradually work on improving his condition. There is nothing more dangerous than having a “weekend warrior”, who gets to be, or is expected to be, highly active only from time to time!

Laser sharp focus &
superb mental stability​

D4M_Laser sharp focus

Better overall physical condition can contribute greatly to the mental development of your dog and will build up your relationship of trust.

Achieving exercise goals and mastering the tasks presented will boost your dog’s confidence. Dogs that are confident in their abilities will not only perform better, but also enjoy our shared activities more.

Fatigued dogs can no longer perform the exercise efficiently, and are put at serious risk for getting injured. Fatigue usually occurs when we are physically active with our dogs – when playing/fetching a toy, working or training in sports, or when they have to maintain strong focus over a longer period of time. Lots of environmental stimuli can cause our dogs to fatigue faster than usual, too (hot weather, distractions).

This is why dogs benefit from improved physical strength and endurance, and are able to maintain focus throughout our shared activities for longer.

Turning weaknesses into the biggest advantages

D4MTurning weaknesses into the biggest advantages​

You’ll work on improving the symmetry of his body and improving his active range of motion.

Having a weaker part due to structural deficits, the effects of unilateral work in particular dog sports, past injuries or chronic compensatory issues negatively affects balance in the body.

Eventually, this leads to asymmetries in muscle strength and limb use, making such areas predisposed to further damage, and also overloading the spine.

Whole-body strengthening will return and maintain the symmetry of the body needed for efficient movement.

Improved active range of motion contributes to improved flexibility of joints, soft tissues and spine. It increases the performance abilities by providing better flexion, extension and rotation movement of individual body parts.

Flexibility is the key to stability!



+ 6 weeks of training workouts​

With 18 structured workouts, training tips, and planned regeneration days for guaranteed success.

After you and your dog become confident in performing the first couple of foundation exercises, you can follow our complete day-by-day programe for the best strengthening outcome and benefits!

D4M_Jana & Genie


Option 1

One time payment
  • Lifetime access
  • Visual content
  • Easy to use
  • Fb Group

Option 2

2 payments
  • Lifetime access
  • Visual content
  • Easy to use
  • Fb Group

543+ satisfied participants from 6 different continents
all around the globe

"What I really like about this course is that you don't need an expensive training menu or sophisticated equipment and you can practice wherever you want."

Yvonne Belin, Switzerland

Canine Freestyle, Pluri-Swiss-Championship, European Champion 2013, Vice-World Champion 2014, World Champion 2016

"The best part of the program is Jana. She's so full of knowledge and so attentive and responsive to your videos and questions."

Victoria Greymont, USA

Active competitor in Agility

"What is really important for me is that all the exercises have alternatives for older or injured dogs so I can easily make more repetitions or make it harder or easier, depending on their needs."

Eva Lacnakova, Czech Republic

Multiple AWC and EO agility member, Bronze Team AWC Turku 2019

"What is really important for me is that all the exercises have alternatives for older or injured dogs so I can easily make more repetitions or make it harder or easier, depending on their needs."

Tomoko Nakaminami, Japan

Active competitor in Agility



How to use this course

Join the community

Teaching the skill, working out, progressing

Playing it cool: safety notes

Warm-ups and Cool-downs: The Alpha and Omega

Bony landmarks: Get to know your dog

The Front: it’s role in activities and body structure traits

The Rear: it’s role in activities and body structure traits

The Core: Center of gravity

Test your learning

IMPORTANT! Set good foundations

Biomechanics of Exercises: Understanding weight distribution is the key!

Starting points: Front Feet up

Starting points: Rear Feet up

Balanced standing position: stand still on two objects

FF / RF Transitions


Position changes to begin with

Cavaletti exercise

Got stuck and in need of help?

Test your learning

Introduction to the Skill-Room

Starting points: FF up

Starting points: RF up

Stand still exercise

FF / RF Transitions

Rock back Sit to Stands

Down to Stands

Tucked Sit to Kickback Stands


Figure 8

Cookie Shifts

High fives

Push back up


FF down stepping

Lateral side stepping

Transitions Advanced

Play bow to Stand


Walking backwards


Sit to Stand Ups

Twist Ups

RF down stepping

Semicircular Cavaletti

Cavaletti Extended

Mobility Exercises

Let’s start!

Test your skills

How to work out?

Workout 1.1: Total circuit

It’s too easy! – Is it, really?

Workout 2.1: Front + core

5-min Skill Time: Lateral side stepping

Workout 2.2: Total circuit

Resting day

5-min Skill Time: Transitions Advanced

Workout 2.3: Cardio

Resting day

Ways of Strengthening

Workout 3.1: Total circuit

5-min Skill Time: Pivoting

Workout 3.2: Total circuit

Resting day

5-min Skill Time: Walking backwards

Workout 3.3: Front + core

Resting day

Quality before quantity

Workout 4.1: Cardio

5-min Skill Time: Plank

Workout 4.2: Total circuit

Resting day

5-min Skill Time: Twist ups

Workout 4.3: Rear + core

Resting day

Training basics: The big picture

Workout 5.1: Core

5-min Skill Time: RF down stepping

Workout 5.2: Total circuit

Resting day

5-min Skill Time: Semicircular Cavaletti

Workout 5.3: Front + core

Resting day

Going forwards

Workout 6.1: Cardio

5-min Skill Time: Cavaletti Extended

Workout 6.2: Total circuit

Resting day

Workout 6.3: Total circuit

5-min Skill Time: It’s your turn!

Resting day

Congrats! Here’s what’s next…

More resources for you

Before you go…

Genie & Brie's 30-day Money Back Guarantee

I am so confident in FUNdamentals K9 Conditioning Course that I’m willing to “put my money where my mouth is” and back up your purchase with a 100 % money-back guarantee. If you don’t feel FUNdamentals is right for you, I’ll refund every cent you paid – no questions asked.



This is pretty straightforward. 

Change nothing and nothing will change.

There is no way around it.

Don’t get me wrong.

It’s perfectly fine to stay at the same place.

But if you are actively looking to advance, then don’t hesitate to join us.


You’ve probably heard of this smart quote before:

“Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” – Einstein

Pretty clear, right?

Let’s be completely honest with each other here for a second.

If you knew how to be super successful with your dog, you’d probably already be doing it, right?

I want you to realize your success is my success. 

Seeing you achieve the next levels with your dog means the most to me. 

Matter of fact, I want you to be so satisfied you will happily recommend this course to all your friends as well.

Your dog is worth it and you’ll definitely have great fun!


Your final option is that you start working with a professional mentor.

As you know I work with many canine athletes on a daily basis.

I know exactly what your dog needs in terms of his excellent physical and mental preparation.

This course is super easy to understand and it really only takes as little as 10 minutes per day.

Imagine how fast you’ll achieve the results you’re longing for so greatly.

I get it.

You want to train your dog the right way and have fun at the same time.

So I strongly suggest you decide to join FUNdamentals today – the course with fun in its name.

It will give you superb results you can easily replicate for years to come.

I’ll be glad to share my most wanted secrets for canine conditioning with you.

I promise it’ll be fun, easy and effective.

Hope to see you inside soon.

Ready, steady... Start!
With FUNdamentals on-line canine conditioning class


Have a question?


The program is designed to suit all age stages of dogs: puppies/young dogs, adults – sporting, working or family dogs, as well as for our oldies goldies who could benefit from some extra proprioception work! However, when dealing with a specific condition (joint pain, past injuries, etc.), make sure you have your dog regularly checked by a specialist who can keep an eye on his well-being, or apply for our 1-on-1 personal consultations for a further follow-up on your case!

The difference is in the AMOUNT of repetitions, and equipment SET UPS, so you will be impressed by how you can make the same exercise as easy as possible, as well as super difficult for top athletes! All this is included in the class, so an extra benefit if you own several dogs with different needs!

No, you or your dog can be complete beginners and be able to follow the course, because it contains all the foundations needed to get safely and effectively into the world of canine conditioning! However, experienced handlers (or dogs) will be sufficiently challenged to keep them occupied as well.

No special equipment required!! A simple do-it-yourself platform or foam pad will suffice. Even though it is good to have some basic fitness equipment (or more, if you want to add in some difficulty), it’s not necessary to have it when signing up for the class – you can always use some stuff from your house inventory!

This course is designed as SELF-STUDY program. But don’t worry! You can upgrade and additionally purchase a 1-on-1 personal consultation about your work with Jana!

The program is designed for healthy active dogs, however, the instructor is fully qualified in canine rehabilitation, and all of the exercises in the course also have special considerations noted on how to safely apply the easiest variation of the exercises depending on the case. Choosing a personal feedback option along with the Fundamentals course will also help you insure you are performing exercises correctly for your dog adapted individually to his condition and current abilities. 

If you are unsure whether the course is suitable for your individual case, don’t hesitate to contact us!

This is the exact program I follow with my own dogs as well, to keep them fit and healthy. You will be impressed by how you can make the same exercise as easy as possible, as well as super difficult for top athletes - all this is included in the course! 🙂 

So don't miss out! Seize the opportunity, we will definitely have great fun!

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