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In case you will need help we additionally offer personal approach to your dog's needs and full feedback on your home-training videos.

Personal feedback option

In case you run into a problem, or just want to check if you are on the right path with performing the exercises, I’m here for you!

Providing full feedback on your home-training videos any time you are in a need of personal approach.



You can submit up to two different Skill exercises (FUNdamentals and Agility Dynamics in Control participants) or one Workout (FUNdamentals participants only), without any limitation to the length of videos! You are welcome to send in your teaching steps, final exercise performance, progression or anything else that would be of your particular interest for me to check on, and suggest further improvements or possible upgrades for the best strengthening outcome tailored to you and your dog!

Receiving feedback in a short time allows you to already implement my feedback suggestions at your next training session to maximise your dog’s performance and positive experience! Most probably it will be within 24h, but let’s give us some space in case there is a huge time zone difference between us! 😉

Checking on your further progress at a particular exercise is of the greatest importance! This is why you will receive my continuous guidance, support, and further feedback on your performance while we are at it! This way you will be able to progress step-by-step, and achieve a brilliant form that will result in maximal strengthening outcome.

»My five-year-old agility dog Kiro injured his knee (grade 1 luxation) and, upon the recommendation of his orthopedist and physiotherapist, I contacted Jana. We started rehabilitation by mapping out my dog’s current condition, my goal, and how to get there.

In the weekly video sessions, we reviewed the exercises we’ve already done, considered the way forward, the progress we’ve made, and created the program for the following week. Jana’s professionalism came to the fore in many things and it was easy to see what the exercises were aimed at and why.

Clear instructions and videos from the site were also supported in the training. I quickly noticed the progress in my dog’s posture and his physiotherapist noticed positive changes in his musculature. I have done physical exercises with my dog before, but only now I understand what I’m doing and why.

The workouts were simple and easy to implement, my dog enjoyed them and they remained our way. I think these workouts will help us stay in good shape in the future and, now that we are able to train agility, as usual, it feels like my dog’s speed and performance has improved even more.

I may have been a bit pessimistic at first, but already at the first Zoom meeting, I realized that I am getting really personalised guidance that has been created for my dog’s current problem. Jana’s guidance kept my dog’s injury in mind and was clear about what it is aimed at – maintaining a healthy, energetic, upright dog with strong muscles.

I couldn’t be happier with this rehabilitation, and I wouldn’t hesitate if I needed Jana’s vision, experience, and professionalism in the future. I highly recommend it, thank you Jana!«

Mia & Kiro, Finland

Active in agility and obedience

»My border collie Bang got diagnosed with a quadriceps insertion tear in his knee and also we had a history of shoulder and hock issues from last year. I had done rehab before but this time I felt that I wanted to do things as thoroughly as possible. I had participated in Jana´s FUNdamentals class and liked the structure of the workouts and how well Jana explained everything, so I reached out to her for help with Bang’s road to recovery. 

Right now we are still in the middle of the process but so far we have gotten great results! Bang has gained muscle mass in his body and especially hindliegs, also his balance and proprioception skills have improved a lot. Our goal is to return to our sports: agility, so looking forward to working towards that goal still!

The improvements in his muscle mass have surprised me a lot, since at some point he didn’t get to hike as much and still he gained lots in muscle mass. I feel really happy and relieved to see Bang get better and back to his fit self!

In the process I have learned a lot too (from Jana´s feedback to our workouts and during our zoom calls): about the movements/exercises in itself, also about how to test and see if some issues with the exercises are due to my mechanics, the set up or actually the dogs issue, when to increase the challenge and when to change the plan to better suit the dog`s needs and how to perform PROM properly, about massage, laser and heat therapy. 

I know about myself that I work best and it motivates me to get support and regular feedback so, my favourite part about this program is posting the videos and getting answers to them. Also to me it has been a huge help to get “mental” support, so that i don’t feel so alone with thinking about Bang´s rehab and some of the challenges we have had. Feels great to have someone to reflect on the progress and the challenges, many times Jana has pointed out to me how far we have come and how some exercises have gotten so much better (while doing the exercises I might not see the progress as well myself). 

Me and Bang highly recommend this personalised program! Precise and fun exercises, constant feedback and progression of the exercises to get the best results!


Minna & Bang, Finland

Veterinarian, agility trainer, OneMind Dogs coach, MentalSport coach at Koivet-Agility

»My border collie Heart greatly benefited from my zoom sessions + physio plans from Jana.  She had PRP in several of her joints, and we wanted to make sure she was as strong and balanced as possible in her return to agility.

Throughout the process Jana was patient, kind and creative in her solutions and support for Heart’s recovery.  Heart successfully returned to agility and is competing more soundly than ever before!

I would not hesitate to send anyone Jana’s way that was looking for a customized, innovative approach to rehabilitation for their beloved canine.«

Melanie & Heart, USA

Member of multiple EO, WAO and IFCS teams for USA, agility seminar presenter across the US, involved in agility since 1998

»I live in the US, and  was participating in the online Dogs4Motion canine conditioning program with my younger dog.  I was amazed with the program, it was organized and thorough.  My young dog loved the work and each week I saw her improve her posture, muscle tone, and understanding of the exercises.  A couple of weeks into the program my 7 year old agility and herding dog was diagnosed with effusion on both stifles.  It was thought be to a partial tear of the CCL.  I wanted to try non-surgical options to get her back to the sports she loved.  I contacted Dr. Gams to ask if she could design a custom rehabilitation program to get her back to her sports.  I have to be honest, I was dreading doing the rehabilitation because of past experiences with other programs – no explanations of exercises, no way to ask all my questions and not feeling very supported during the rehabilitation. 


Dr. Gams reviewed all the veterinarian reports and x-rays and designed a rehabilitation program for her.  She gave me step by step written instructions of the daily activity and exercises.  I am not very experienced with all the various conditioning exercises.  In this program we had access to video examples of all the exercises.  I posted video of my dog doing most of the exercises. The feedback that I got from Dr. Gams was very details, supportive and always encouraging.  She would educate me about the intent of the exercises, and answer all of my questions.  I felt that we were in the best hands possible.  Dr. Gams was on my team and rooting for us to get back to the activities that we loved.  Any time I was  concerned or my fears took over, Dr. Gams was there with a compassionate and logical explanation.


We had our local rehabilitation veterinarian check her progress bi-weekly.  The veterinarian was amazed at how quickly the effusion disappeared and the pace at which my dog increased her muscle and gained her strength back.


My heart dog is now back to competition.  She is stronger than before, her times are better and her jumping style has improved.


If you need a remote consultation for your canine partner I highly encourage you to try Dr. Gams.  Her program is superior to any I had experienced in the past and the attention and support was amazing.  I actually loved doing the rehabilitation with my dog and adored working with Dr. Gams.  I am thrilled we found her.  You won’t be disappointed and will be happy you contacted her.«

Mary & Hoot, USA

Agility and Herding competitor, Agility Instructor, Canine Trigger Point Massage Therapist

»In late fall 2020, my dog injured his right iliopsoas muscle. Our ortho vet recommended contacting Dogs4motion and Jana about rehabilitation. I was looking for help, support, advice as well as a rehabilitation program for my dog to return to active exercise and a beloved searching hobby.

Due to the injury, we ended up with an individual rehabilitation program. Clear instructions, reasoning, and descriptions of cause-and-effect relationships helped me to outline the situation and understand what we are doing, why, and how.

During the rehabilitation program, the dog’s body control strengthened and he now carries himself better. His recovery has been attended by a veterinarian, physiotherapist and sports dog masseurs. Everyone’s professional vision has helped us as a team during rehabilitation and given Jana the tools and knowledge to create a plan for us despite our distance. Although there is 1700 km between us, the distance is not an obstacle but an opportunity.

I’m very grateful and proud of the achieved results. The best thing about Jana’s private rehabilitation sessions has been the zoom meetings, where I have been able to ask, and we have been practising rehabilitation movements live. I have also been pleased with the quick feedback and guidance on the web classroom. Jana’s individual approach and plan have made a big impression.

I definitely recommend personal counselling as well as a rehabilitation program and encourage those who consider them to do so. The Fundamentals course stays with me, and I’ll include it in maintaining basic fitness and body management. In the future, I will know who or where to contact if similar problems arise.«

Miia & Voitto, Finland

Active in Search and Rescue

»My Border Collie Jato got a wrist collateral ligament injury in Agility and I wanted him to get back as strong as possible.

I felt like I was in safe hands with Jana and didn’t have to worry about doing something that is not good for the healing. I was not familiar with the exercises before so I got all the knowledge needed.

Progress was seen every week as my dog was able to do the exercises better and better. We also visited physiotherapy once a week during the rehab. The therapist noticed the changes in my dog’s body too. Jato was getting stronger and his muscles got bigger. Everything went as planned and there were no setbacks in the healing process.

We visited our vet 8 weeks after the injury and it was proven from ultrasound that the wrist ligament healing is going very well. According to the vet it was surprising that the collagen fibers were already in straight form.

We got the best possible result, a full recovery and an even more balanced and stronger body. Now Jato has bigger muscles than ever before, even bigger than when he was just training agility. It is great that you can actually see the improvement on your dog. I’m confident doing agility now and feel much safer doing it with my dog having a strong, balanced body!

It was great to have something to train and do with my dog during rehab, since almost everything else was forbidden. My favourite part was getting professional feedback on our training videos, to make sure I was doing things as I should. Rehab work is lonely work, so it felt really great to have someone who is interested in your dog’s healing process.

I highly recommend Jana’s remote consultations! There are lots of videos and trainings available on the internet, but make sure you work with true professionals like Jana only. In case of injury you see your vet once or twice, your physiotherapist once a week, but it feels like Jana has your back every day!«

Sanna & Jato, Finland

Active in agility

Don't hesitate to get in touch and receive thorough individual feedback to your home-training fitness session!

On demand 1 - on - 1

with Jana Gams
  • Feedback within 36h from Monday-Friday
  • Including feedback on your following home-training sessions of the submitted exercises
  • Exclusive to Dogs4motion conditioning course participants

On demand 1 - on - 1

with Jana Gams
  • Feedback within 36h from Monday-Friday
  • Including feedback on your following home-training sessions of the submitted exercises
  • Exclusive to Dogs4motion K9 Conditioning Course participants