Essential agility
training skills
the elements
every team should know

Start or improve your agility adventure with building solid sport foundations

12 weeks Essential agility training skills course with Beata Luchowska, DVM, CPT.

Beginning on August 9th!

The course provides guidelines for teaching the essential agility skills.

Starting with listening and commitment games, through single jump training, verbal discrimination practice and putting it all togheter into short sequences. The course contains instructions on how to teach a new jumping behaviour and also how to use your body language and improve your handling.

Together we will build a system and agility know-how that will make you and your dog a great team. 

The course covers the topics on how to teach various jumping skills, such as turns left/right, backsides, threadles or flicks. It incorporates handling advice for running a course with serpentines, crosses or threadles. Through listening games and obstacle oriented focus you build great foundation for further obstacle discrimination skills.

As a trainer, I recognize and cherish the fact that each dog is an individual. Therefore I’ve included my insights into rewarding: how and when to reward the dog and what to use considering the dog’s personality and the goal of the exercise.

No doubt they are all on the way to become champions – but each dog walks his own path!

But that’s not all!

The course consists of obstacle related lessons, flatwork and also conditioning part! Each training week I’m going to introduce you one exercise which helps your dog develop sport specific fitness skills.

As DVM and canine physiotherapist, I find it extremely important to prepare a dog’s body for upcoming activities. I pay a lot of attention to how the dogs move and if their bodies are ready for a specific sport action.

First steps in agility training should be age appropriate and adjusted to the development stage.

about the course

Course type

Limited working spots (30 working spots only) and auditors.

Course length

12 weeks (6 chapters each 2 weeks), feedback for working spots 4 weeks after last chapter is published.


Each lesson consists of a thorough visual and written explanation of an exercise and includes downloadable PDFs and course maps.


6 chapters of lessons to learn obstacle related technical skills and understanding handling and handler’s body language.

BONUS: Finess section to develop certain level of fitness – both general fitness and sport-specific fitness.

Testimonials_Karolina Augustyn

I met Beata 3 years ago when I started my adventure with agility. Beza, my small mixbreed dog, requires a lot of work and patience. Thanks to Beata we participated in our first competition. She pays attention to details. She shows us how to train correctly and how to prepare a dog to avoid injuries. 

Thanks to her online training I’ve learned how to explain the basics of agility to my puppy. Everything is easy-to-understand. The materials are full of knowledge and important comments useful in training. I believe that Beata has great skills in transferring knowledge and will be able to help everyone, even if you are not an easy student – like me 😉

Karolina Augustyn, Poland


Testimonials_Natalia Karpinska

I am very happy that I’ve decided on online agility trainings with Beata. Her exercises are great for beginners and for more advanced handlers who own a new young dog.

Both me and my dog have learned a lot! The material is presented in a clear way. I received feedback on my videos and questions regularly, so I could correct mistakes on a daily basis.

Natalia Karpinska, Poland


Here's a sneak peak into the course:

This course includes lessons like:

  • Way to wrap
  • Hand cue
  • Solid startline
  • Straight jump drills
  • Tunnel listening games
  • Flatwork: in or straight?
  • Wing games
  • Left/right discrimination
  • Know how: serpentine

Working spot

One-time payment
  • 1 year access to the content
  • 16 weeks of feedback on your videos
  • 6 chapters of lessons
  • Visual and written content
  • Downloadable PDFs
  • BONUS: Fitness section

Working spot

Two-time payment
  • 1 year access to the content
  • 16 weeks of feedback on your videos
  • 6 chapters of lessons
  • Visual and written content
  • Downloadable PDFs
  • BONUS: Fitness section


One-time payment
  • 1 year access to the content
  • 6 chapters of lessons
  • Visual and written content
  • Downloadable PDFs
  • BONUS: Fitness section

About Beata Luchowska

I am an active agility competitor, doctor of veterinary medicine and certified canine physiotherapist. 

I’m teaching agility specifics and educating dog owners worldwide. 

I have been dog sport training enthusiast for the past 15 years. I enjoy the challenges of modern agility and I’m always motivated to find different solutions.

This attitude helped me qualify for Agility World Championships and European Open with 3 dogs of different breeds and reach the podium on the biggest international events multiple times. 

 I started with graduating veterinary medicine. Inspired by my four-legged patients, I’ve decided to continue my education and became a certified canine physiotherapist.

I often use my professional knowledge to improve canine athlete performance.

  • Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (Veterinary Faculty, Wroclaw University of Environmental and Life Sciences, Poland)
  • Certified Canine Physiotherapist (Faculty of Animal Physiotherapy, AMBItion Poland)
  • Active competitor on international levels (2nd place in B.A.C.K. Finals ’20, 3rd place in Border Collie Classic Final 19′)


The course is suitable for dogs aged min. 7 months and older. It is appropriate for beginners or dogs already in training who would benefit from improving listening skills or jumping behaviours.

You will build strong foundations using a jump and a cone or a pole. For progressing to sequences, an access to 3 jumps and a tunnel is required.

Most of the exercises you can teach and perform in an area that fits one jump and some rewarding space. Some lessons require access to a small agility field with 3 jumps and a tunnel. 

Working spot students can submit an unlimited number of videos for review.

You can expect the feedback within 36 h from Monday to Friday.

You will be able to review all the material for one year from the date you’ve entered. You can request feedback up to 4 weeks after the last chapter is published. 

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