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Elpida Ismael (Athens, GR)
An essential course when you are raising an agility dog!

I have been doing agility for 12 years already but this didn’t stop me from joining this class! I’m on my 3rd dog and I felt I needed a schedule to raise my new puppy, plus I’m always eager to expand my knowledge. When starting with an agility dog, all the things he needs to learn can make us feel overwhelmed and this is what I wanted to avoid. So I followed this course as an auditor, I took it slow, adapted it to the needs of my boy and set solid foundations. Astra climbed to A3 in a blink of an eye and by the age of 2,5 years is already qualified for the EO and AWC 2024! There are still some skills that are missing but thanks to the lifetime access, I can go back to the class whenever I need to!

Patti Waddell (Toronto, CA)
Terrific resourse for mastering the basics

This course is an exceptional resource for developing communication/handling for the dog and handler through foundation skills that can be tought using short, loopy training sessions for clarity and then used as a reference to go back and build and master those foundation same skills with consistency as the team progress. Using this course as a template has allowed my youngest boy and ito progress without frustration. Thank you! Perfect addition to the rest of the course offerings on this platform!!

judy oliver (Orlando, US)
Great content

There’s so much information packed into the course. I just wish the sections were labeled a little better, especially the PDFs. I kept ending up going back to sections I’d already printed out. And got a little lost when about where I was when I took a break. If it just had better separation between the units with better labels I think it would be a little easier to follow. I’m still working on the training with my dog, since there’s only one year access I wanted to be sure I could get all the information printed out and keep going back to videos as long as I can. But the information and training included has been super.

Andrea Gross (Pforzheim, DE)
Great Course

A great course , I startet this course with my 9 month old Dog and I think it´s really great 👌🏻

Pat Brown (Shildon, GB)

Enjoyed the whole course and the pace of the progressions , confident that my young dog would cope mentally and physically. The handling advise was a bonus, and was made very clear.. I was pleased that training small breed dogs was always a consideration , having moved from years of Collies to a Cocker Spaniel . I have lots to do still, wishing the UK weather would improve so that I can progress with my young dog and bring my more experienced dog back into work using many of the exercises. Thank you.

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Karolina Augustyn, Poland

I met Beata 3 years ago when I started my adventure with agility. Beza, my small mixbreed dog, requires a lot of work and patience. Thanks to Beata we participated in our first competition. She pays attention to details. She showed us how to train correctly and how to prepare a dog to avoid injuries.

Thanks to her online training I’ve learned how to explain the basics of agility to my puppy. Everything is easy-to-understand. The material is full of knowledge and important comments that are useful in training. I believe that Beata has great skills in transferring knowledge and will be able to help everyone, even if you are not an easy student – like me

Natalia Karpinska, Poland

I am very happy that I’ve decided to take part in online agility trainings with Beata. Her exercises are great for both beginners and for more advanced handlers who own a new young dog.

Both me and my dog have learned a lot! The material is presented in a clear way. I received feedback on my videos and questions regularly, so I could correct mistakes on a daily basis.

Sylwia Połomska, USA

We had so much fun during online course with Beata Luchowska! Beata is a fantastic instructor, very knowledgeable and detail oriented. All skills were explained thoroughly, videos were super helpful and Beata was always there to help out with individual problems. Highly recommended.



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