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Chris Krulan (Hackettstown, US)
Loved this course!

I have so many good things to say about this course. It is very organized and easy to follow. I love that there is a written explanation with diagrams to go along with the videos. It helps to clarify the exercise and I learn a lot from them. The videos are well done and I have watched them multiple times because I notice different things each time I watch them. I love the self-study format because it allows me to understand what I am to be doing before I work with my dog. Now our training sessions have a plan and a purpose and I know what the next steps are for future sessions.

Chris, thank you for sharing your positive experience with the course!

The combination of written explanations with diagrams and accompanying videos is designed to enhance your learning experience and provide clarity to the exercises. We're glad to hear that you find them helpful. Having a clear plan and understanding of the next steps in your training sessions can make a significant difference in achieving your goals. It's wonderful to know that the course has provided you with that sense of direction and purpose.

Keep up the great work, and I wish you continued success in your agility journey!

Essential Agility

Loved it! Everything is broken down wonderfully . Would defiantly sign up again

We're thrilled to hear that you enjoyed the course and found the content well-structured. Thank you so much for your positive feedback. We hope to see you again soon!

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Karolina Augustyn, Poland

I met Beata 3 years ago when I started my adventure with agility. Beza, my small mixbreed dog, requires a lot of work and patience. Thanks to Beata we participated in our first competition. She pays attention to details. She showed us how to train correctly and how to prepare a dog to avoid injuries.

Thanks to her online training I’ve learned how to explain the basics of agility to my puppy. Everything is easy-to-understand. The material is full of knowledge and important comments that are useful in training. I believe that Beata has great skills in transferring knowledge and will be able to help everyone, even if you are not an easy student – like me

Natalia Karpinska, Poland

I am very happy that I’ve decided to take part in online agility trainings with Beata. Her exercises are great for both beginners and for more advanced handlers who own a new young dog.

Both me and my dog have learned a lot! The material is presented in a clear way. I received feedback on my videos and questions regularly, so I could correct mistakes on a daily basis.

Sylwia Połomska, USA

We had so much fun during online course with Beata Luchowska! Beata is a fantastic instructor, very knowledgeable and detail oriented. All skills were explained thoroughly, videos were super helpful and Beata was always there to help out with individual problems. Highly recommended.



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