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Accelerate regeneration
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This course is designed by Jana Gams, Doctor of Veterinary Medicine, Certified Canine Rehabilitation Practitioner, active competitor in Agility and FCI Obedience, and founder of Dogs4motion Veterinary Rehabilitation and Sports Medicine Center.
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Obedience Is Like A Marathon-Type Of Sport. Having Endurance Is Not All There Is To It.

Obedience Is Like
A Marathon-Type Of Sport. Having Endurance Is Not All There Is To It.

Obedience dogs have to consistently carry out tasks with the utmost precision.

Think about what kind of motions dogs do when participating in obedience …

Imagine all this:

  • Perfect heelwork
  • Explosive accelerations
  • Abrupt decelerations
  • Fast and precise positions
  • Direction changes

But what is most important, they have to maintain focus for up to 20 or more minutes.

This mix of endurance, explosivity, and concentration makes obedience a tough sport! 

There are many potential risks of injuries, such as:

  • Repetitive explosive accelerations and abrupt deceleration forces
  • Slippery surfaces
  • Possible equipment negotiations

I know how frustrating it feels when things don’t go as planned.

But that’s okay.

There are important steps you can take to minimize the risk of potential injury.

Properly warming up your dog is one such thing, and it’s 100 % under your control.

Cooling them down after and helping them to relax is also important.

The best part is that not only will you greatly reduce the risk of potential injuries and boost regeneration, …

But you will also immediately improve their performance abilities!

Why Solely
Walking Your Dog is Not Enough
to Prepare Them for Explosive High-Power Obedience Actions and Maintaining Focus?

Why Solely Walking Your Dog is Not Enough to Prepare Them for Explosive High-Power Obedience Actions and Maintaining Focus?

Did you know that human sprinters who run the 100 m thoroughly prepare and activate their muscles for over an hour before they start?

And all they have to do is run straight for less than 10 seconds!

Now imagine your dog maintaining focus for up to 20, or more minutes, to carry out all the physically demanding tasks with the utmost precision.

Don’t you get anxious, fearing they might get distracted and make a mistake?

Olympic gymnast and gold medalist Shannon Miller once said:

In the Olympic games, everyone is talented. Everyone trains hard. Everyone does the work. What separates the gold medalists from the silver medalists is simply the mental game.”

The same is with dogs.

The better your dog will be prepared mentally, the better the result.

This is why you need a proper warm-up and cool-down routine.

A short walk alone won’t suffice.

During a simple walk, the dog simply can not evolve a sufficient connection with you.

Also, walking only warms up the large muscle groups in one plane of motion – forward.

But dogs need to twist and turn their bodies as well.

That’s why we have created our signature 3D warm-up and cool-down routine.

It is specifically designed for obedience dogs.

You’ll learn how to activate the required muscles and perform movements in all planes of motion (including forward/backward, sideways, and rotational).

And …

How to take your dog’s focus and precision to the next level.

Just picture yourself with an inner sense of confidence and tranquility.

You’ll finally be able to focus solely on your dog’s performance.

And the best of all … 

You’ll have a peace of mind, knowing that you’ve done everything possible to ensure your dog’s focus and safety on the obedience field.

I am so excited for you to elevate your obedience game!

Your dog will thank you for it.

Revolutionize Your Dog's
Obedience Training with
Our Signature 3D Routine
with Active and Dynamic Exercises

Revolutionize Your Dog's Obedience Training with Our Signature 3D Routine with Active and Dynamic Exercises




By warming up your dog prior
to the activity you will:

By cooling down your dog after
the activity you will:

This Course is Ideal For:

Obedience WUCD

Obedience Novices

➤ New to obedience and want to do things right by your dog?

➤ Is your dog just starting out?

Obedience D4M 3

Obedience Intermediates

You’ve got some obedience experience and a whole lot of aspirations? Great, we hold the key!

WUCD Obedience Gallery2

Obedience Experts

➤ You know your way around the field.

➤ You hold many competitions under your belt.

➤ You feel like your dog just isn’t shining as bright as they could be.

➤ Take things to the next level!

The Success Stories of Trainers and Competitors
Speak for Themselves:

This video is a perfect guidance for a proper warm-up and cool-down routine. I now know exactly what to take care of before and after each run in training or competition!

Lisa Frick – Austria
International dog trainer and handler – 4 times world champion, vice European champion

I love how clear and straightforward the exercises are. Previously, I was unsure about how to warm-up and cool-down when running multiple times a day at competitions or seminars, but now I have a plan, including the ideal length of a warm-up.

Jane Elene Christensen – Denmark

I love the warm-up and cool-down videos and all the amazing details those videos include! Not only because they teach you how to properly prepare the dog for activity and help you to prevent injuries, but also because they show the importance of not only warming up and cooling down itself, but also all the bonding and mental preparation that happens during those activities. Full package.

Katarina Podlipnik Capuder – Slovenia
Dog trainer, founder of FUNtastic dog training, multiple AWC and EO medalist

It gives a clear programme for both warming up, cooling down, and post event stretches. It goes into great detail and explains every move and its reason behind it. I would highly recommend.

Karen Lawlor – United Kingdom

Start Doing This Routine Today!

Optimize Your Obedience Performance and Safety with This 4-Part Warm Up Cool Down Routine

Here's exactly how you'll do it:

The goal of the proper warm-up routine should always be to gradually increase the load and power from lower intensity motions all the way up to higher intensities.

The goal of the proper cool-down routine should always be a gradual decrease in activity immediately after the exercise.

You’ll achieve this by following a proven and tested 4-part done-for-you plan:

Step 1

Gradual increase in activity:

You will start with some simple walking and trotting.

Step 2

3D (three dimensional) progressive warm-up:

Inside, you will discover a set of 9 dynamic exercises that have been carefully selected to follow a specific order, number of repetitions, and rest intervals. This is designed to optimize recovery, and achieve maximum performance.

Step 3

Sport specific part:

You will learn how to mimic the actions your dog is about to perform during an event. Sport-specific actions typically involve precision movements with fewer repetitions to maintain a positive attitude and motivation.

You will also learn how to boost your own spirit before entering the ring with a simple visualizing pattern. This way you will lower the performance stress and help your dog to stay motivated and focused as well.

Step 4

Gradual decrease in activity

You will finish with light walking and trotting and include mobility exercises for better flexibility and range of motion in the joints.

Real Results from Real Customers All Around the Globe

The tips provided are practical and well-explained, and the videos give a detailed, close-up view of how to perform each exercise. Moreover, I feel more confident in my abilities as a handler, knowing that I am doing my best for my dogs!

Linda Barton – Canada

Loved the course. Afterwards, I feel like I have the knowledge of how to warm-up and cool-down all specific parts of my dog’s body. Jana explains everything very detailed.

Anja Bachem – Germany

An absolute must-know for every handler and responsible dog owner!

Eva Lacnakova – Czeck Republik
Multiple team member AWC, EO, bronze medal in small teams AWC 2019

This course gives me a routine to follow. It is so simple to learn and repeat every time. So now I never forget to do any of the exercises before training and competitions.

The routine makes me confident as I know I’m doing the correct thing to warm up my dog, and I know when to begin the warm-up before we enter the ring because I know exactly how much time it takes.

Now, I enter the ring being more relaxed and concentrated; I feel less competition stress because me and my dog are already connected and my dog is more focused, with a good level of arousal, not too low or too high.

I like the course very much because Jana explains what we have to focus on very well. The videos are pleasant to watch and it is very easy to learn the exercises and the routine. The additional part, which I liked the most, is the section on how to check if a dog has a problem using the easy range of motion moves that I can perform myself.

With them, I can discover some tension or pain and have my dog checked by a vet soon, before the injury becomes worse. I adore the advice to breathe and relax before the competition, because very often we, handlers, forget it and our mood makes our dog uneasy in the new environment.

This course changed how I begin every training and competition. I suggest every handler enrolls in this course, for the well-being of their dog and for the good feeling you both can achieve. 

Laura Ceccolini – Italy

Introducing …


Discover How to Properly Warm Up Your Dog Before Every Training Session and Competition, and Cool Down Afterwards.

By Purchasing Now, You Receive Immediate Access To:


Essential Roots: Learn About the Why's

The science-based golden rules for successful warm-up
of your canine athlete.


Nuts and Bolts: Game Plan for Effective Warm-Up Routine

Practical part with all exercises for a complete three-dimensional routine specific for obedience dogs.


End of the Line: Cool-Down, Stretch & Mobility

A gradual decrease in activity: stretching exercises to help decrease muscular tone.


Common Questions: Q's and A's

Answers to frequently asked questions, such as:

  • What to do if participating at multiple events per day?
  • What to do if you run multiple dogs together?
  • How to adapt the routines to warm or cold weather?
  • And so much more!


Lifetime Access

  • Yes, you can access the whole course material forever
  • The exercises are beneficial throughout the entire lifetime of your dog
  • No starting date and no end date of the course
  • Workout with different dogs whenever you want


User-Friendly & Accessible on Any Device

  • Complete
  • Step-by-step
  • Ready-to-use
  • Balanced
  • Well-structured
  • Easy-to-understand

Wait! There's More ...
You’ll Get These Amazing Extra Bonuses Too!

BONUS 1: How to check your canine athlete

  • Discover how to check the range of motion of your dog, step by step
  • Get first insights into your dog’s body
  • Detect any areas of discomfort, before they turn into real problems
  • Improve your dog's physical wellbeing
  • Improve the performance of your dog

BONUS 2: Downloadable Handouts (PDFs)

Download, print out, and take with you to training or competition.

You will never forget what to do!



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✔ Downloadable PDF handouts
✔ Easy to use
✔ 30 days money back guarantee

Based On Science

This course is product of:

➤ Science-based veterinary.
➤ Canine sports medicine knowledge.
➤ Personal training experiences.
➤ Thorough research on the warming-up & cooling-down field.
Warming up and cooling down contribute to prevent sport related injuries.
1Essential Facts of Physical Medicine, Rehabilitation and Sports Medicine in Companion Animals (Bockstahler et al, 2019)
In addition to the positive physical effects on the body, the warm up also provides the dog with mental stimulation required for its subsequent performance.
2Essential Facts of Physical Medicine, Rehabilitation and Sports Medicine in Companion Animals (Bockstahler et al, 2019)

Warming up prior to exercise improves performance, flexibility and proprioception.

3Canine Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation (Zink et al, 2018)

This is Automatic as It Gets.
No Worries About Which Exercises, Order, Reps, Load, Recovery Breaks or When to Pick Up Your Dog Before the Start.

Your key takeaways from this will be:



Clear Plan of Action

This system provides a ready-to-use, step-by-step, 3-part formula with dynamic and active exercises.


Deeper Understanding

This course is thorough in its approach, explaining each move and its purpose in detail.


Confidence and Clarity

You’ll find it effortless to grasp the concepts and structure your own routine perfectly.

Trusted By Experts

»My dogs now always stay in shape and compete on the highest level injury free!«
Maruša Podjed, Slovenia

DVM, Agility World Championship member and multiple medalist with 3 different dogs, member of European Open since 2012, European Open Champion individual & team in 2018, AWC and EO Vice-champion​

»Good overview of the importance and techniques of warm up and cool down. I got some great ideas to add for my warm-up routine. Thanks!«
Tiiu Toijala, Finland

DVM, CCRT, resident ACVSMR (American college of veterinary sports medicine and rehabilitation)

»Would recommend to every sport dog owner. A complete and clear course on how to properly warm-up and cool-down a dog before a training or competition, which is very important for dog’s health and performance.«

Lucie Flageollete, France

DVM and active competitor in agility

»Very helpful, easy and clear: what to do, how to do it, and what to avoid: a perfect routine.«

Debora Severo Italia, France

Physiotherapist and osteopath

This is Exactly Why You Should Trust Me:

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Featured Video: I Work with Many Canine Athletes on a Daily Basis as the Founder of the Dogs4motion, Veterinary Rehabilitation and Sports Medicine Center in Slovenia.

I work with many canine athletes on a daily basis.

With participants in World Championships and other significant international events.

As well as active pet dogs, family, and senior dogs.

I have been an active trainer and competitor in several dog sports with my own dogs for the past 18 years.

All this has helped me to understand their needs better …

… And how important it is to take care of their well-being – from their puppyhood to their senior years.


➤ You’ll take your dog’s performance to new heights and reduce the risk of injuries

➤ You’ll build the correct foundations

➤ You’ll set yourself apart from the competition

This course is a product of all my personal experience and knowledge!

I am excited and proud to share these tips and tricks with you!

So far I’ve been able to help 3749+ participants from 6 different continents all around the globe.

Get started with your dogs today, because they are worth it!

Jana Gams, DVM, CCRP

  • Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (Veterinary Faculty, University of Ljubljana)
  • CCRP – Certified Canine Rehabilitation Practitioner (University of Tennessee)
  • Founder of Dogs4motion, Veterinary Rehabilitation and Sports Medicine Center in Slovenia
  • Active competitor on international levels and FCI Dog Training Instructor in Agility and FCI Obedience
  • 18 Years of Dog Training & Competition Experience

We Stand Behind You:

30-Day Money-Back Guarantee
Because Your Satisfaction Matters

I am so confident in this Obedience Specific Warm-up / Cool-down Routine that I’m willing to “put my money where my mouth is” and back your purchase up with a 100 % money-back guarantee.

If you don’t feel that this course is right for you, I’ll refund every cent you paid – no questions asked.

Is This You?

You want to immediately improve your dog’s performance abilities by preparing the whole body system for the upcoming obedience run.

You want to minimize the risk of injuries with your dog when running obedience.

You want to encourage your dog’s mental preparation and focus.

You want to be a player, who is ready to seize the moment and step onto the field with a great relationship with your dog.

You want to provide optimal recovery after activity.

You’re curious and want to learn more about how you can check your canine athlete at home on a regular basis, to get first insights into your dog’s body.

Does This Suit Me?

You will receive the exact protocol you can use with your dog.
You will discover how to make this routine your own and adapt it to your dog’s needs if you feel it could benefit them.
The warm-up routine will take you approximately 10-15 minutes to complete.
This will give you the freedom to prepare your dog’s cardiovascular and musculoskeletal systems for the upcoming activity.
The precise timing of the routine also depends on external factors:
  • Is the weather warm or cold?
  • What kind of mood is your dog in?
  • Do you have any exercise preferences?
For example:
A dog who does not have a lot of mental stamina, and is unable to hold their focus for longer periods of time, might find it difficult to concentrate for 15 minutes straightThis might lead to a drop in motivation.
In such cases, you can adapt the warm-up routine by adding in some breaks. Doing so will help keep your dog’s motivation high.
You should also adapt the routine if the weather is warm and you need to keep your dog’s heat levels low. We will discuss all these adaptations in further detail inside the course.
You can do a majority of the warm-up exercises by having your dog on a leash. Thus you can perform them in a small (square meter or two) area next to the training/ competition venue.
Under ideal circumstances, it is best that you find a larger area/open space where you can perform some of the final sport-specific fast-motion exercises. Such as sprints, for example. I understand that sometimes you cannot find enough space to complete those final sport-specific exercises. Or you cannot find an area with a big enough non-slippery surface …
Do not worry, we discuss exactly how you can adapt your warm-up exercises in such cases. For the cool-down routine though, you can do everything by having your dog on a leash.
Under ideal circumstances, you shouldn’t use the exact same routine. You should adapt your warm-up routine to the needs of different dog sports.
The more physically demanding the upcoming activity is the longer the warm-up routine needs to beA proper warm-up should include exercises that mimic the motions which will happen during the activity later on.
The warm-up routine also mentally prepares you and your dog. You should have your own unique warm-up routine to meet the specific physical needs of each dog sport.
This way you will also provide the best mental stimulation for the upcoming activity.
If your dog participates in dogfrisbee, flyball, or any other explosive type of sport, you can still join the course and learn all about warming up and cooling down your dog!
This knowledge will also enable you to change the presented routine to fit the needs of your own dog sport.
If your dog participates in Agility though, you can take a look at our Warm-up / Cool-down routine for Agility.

No, all you need is a dog, some yummy treats, and a toy if your dog loves to play.

All the exercises can be done without any equipment at all!

Yes. The program is made by Jana Gams, Doctor of Veterinary Medicine and a Certified Canine Rehabilitation Practitioner. It is also recommended by other experts and backed up by science. 

Technical Questions

Yes! You keep lifetime access to the Warm-Up Cool-Down Obedience course. That means you can restart it, refresh your knowledge and start with other dogs anytime in the future.
Yes. The access to the content platform is lifetime, and it is very easy to use and navigate.
Additionally, PDFs of the content are available for download.
Currently, the course is only available in English and comes with English subtitles. However, we do plan on translating the subtitles into other languages in the future, so please follow us for updates.

Satisfied Participants Share Their Success

I have always used some kind of warm-up routine before training and competitions. During the course, I improved my knowledge of specific exercises to warm up all the muscle groups necessary for my dogs’ performance in the OB ring.

As a result, I will adapt my existing warm-up routine with new exercises to help my dog perform even better – in training and competitions! But more importantly, I will definitely start using cool-down routines – something we mostly tend to forget.

Your focus on cool-down has convinced me of the importance of this particular part of training/competing. It was definitely my favorite part of the course (apart from watching your dogs perform)! Your energy, sincerity, and knowledge are just amazing.

I definitely recommend this course for all handlers doing any kind of obedience work with their dogs. Even if you already have warm-up and cool-down routines, this course will provide many new insights and knowledge about preparing your dog for work, cooling them down, doing regular stretching, and checking them for potential issues.

Staša Pardubsky – Slovenia

Instructor, steward and judge in FCI Obedience; active competitor with multiple dogs on international levels (including FCI OB World Championship 2015, FMBB, CMBF)

»This is an excellent course! I can help my students apply this to all their performance outlets.«

Libby Smith – USA

I liked this course very much. It is clear, useful, and effective. It gave me a clear plan on how I can do warm-up and cool-down correctly. It’s very important for sports dogs. I specifically like a part about how to check canine athletes and stretch & mobility. I recommend this course for both beginner and advanced sportsmen, for everyone who cares about their dog.

Elena Murashova – Russia

World champion of FMBB in FCI Obedience in Germany (2017), Slovenia (2018); Vice-champion in Czech Republic (2019)

It made me realize many things and I keep studying this and a lot more.

Lise Skipper Møller – Denmark

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Dogs4motion Academy!

If you haven't been warming up and cooling down your dog, or if you're still unsure whether your routine is appropriate, now is the perfect time to seek guidance. This is the exact routine I use with my own dogs to ensure they are optimally prepared.

So don't miss out! Seize the opportunity and join right now.

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