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Helene Lawson-Hess (Newton Abbot, GB)
a fantastic course to keep your sports dog in excellent condition

I love the structure, the precision, the explanations, the whole way the course is designed. My agility dog loves doing the exercises and it keeps us occupied.

Lizette Durrschmidt (Vernon, US)
Love the course

I am finding this to be a great course for my dogs. They all love doing the exercises. I would like to see replacement options for the cavaletti warm ups and the plyometric exercises for when it’s not feasible to do them. The indoor space is too small and it’s snow and ice outside.

Denise elger (Milwaukee, US)
Loved the course

I love how organized the course is set up. Easy to find a specific exercise you would want to go over again.
The videos are very helpful. Especially when there are close up.

Customer (Adelaide, AU)
Fantastic Course

I am new to the agility world. This course perfectly explains the impact of the agility equipment on the dogs body and presents exercises that are specifically designed to copy the dogs movements on the agility field.
The explanations/video's are detailed and easy to follow. Sooo many exercises to choose from with lots of options for progression. 👍
The prepared weekly workouts are very helpful 🙂
It's a fantastic course. My girl absolutely loves doing the exercises while my mind is at ease knowing that I train her in a safe manner 👍🙂

JoAnn CapenaFord (Ashburn, US)
Agility Dynamics

The primary reason that I am enrolled in this courses is that I have a 6 year old field bred golden retriever that had elbow surgery when she was 3 years old for arthritis.  I can't reduce the arthritis but I can strengthen the muscles around the elbow so she can compete in retriever hunt test, agility and obedience. This course helps me do that.. I love that I can refer back to the individual sections once the course in completed.

The Success Stories of Trainers
and Competitors Speak for Themselves

Lea Komat, Slovenia, Slovenia
Member of Agility World Championship (2017-2018) & European Open (2016-2019)

I started working with Jana almost 3 years ago and ever since, she has been an indispensable part of our training plan. She is always there for us – for conditioning plan and workout (her tips on how to get a specific move from your dog are priceless) or regular preventive check ups and massages.

Regardless of what your dogs needs are, Jana always adapts to their individual needs. She is kind and with an amazing feeling and desire to help dogs to be in best shape possible. She gives her heart into every single one of her animal clients and treats them as they were her own.

I’m grateful I have a chance to work with such a person as Jana is. And seeing how my dogs adores her, I’m quite certain they feel the same. Thank you Jana!

Katarina Podlipnik Capuder, Slovenia
Founder of FUNtastic dog (on-line) training, owner of 8 happy dogs, multiple European Open and Agility World Championship medalist

Keeping my dogs in top condition is really important to me – not only because that allows them to perform at their best, but also because that helps prevent injuries.

Dogs give their best every time they step on the training/competition field and doing my best to keep them healthy and physically prepared for all the challenges, is something I owe them as the owner and handler. And just because of that, Jana’s conditioning classes are a huge part of our training and warming up/cooling down routine.

All exercises are designed in a way to make it as safe for the dog as possible, she puts a lot of attention to details (which is REALLY important when we come to conditioning) and on top of that, Jana knows really well how to adapt to every individual dog and give them what they need the most (when you have breeds that are not really “social butterflies”, working with someone who understands dog’s character is really important).

So thank you Jana for your great classes and for all the “live” training and check-ups! It means a lot to me, to have someone so skilled watching over my dogs!«

Elena Murashova, Russia
World champion of FMBB in FCI Obedience in Germany (2017), Slovenia (2018); Vice-champion in Czech Republic (2019)

FUNdamentals Conditioning course is a very interesting and wonderful courses.

I learned many useful exercises for my dogs. I liked the very detailed and understandable explanation of each exercise, a lot of attention is given to the safe execution of exercises.

My dogs perform exercises every week during our walks, at home, before training. And they do theirs with pleasure!«

Naarah Cuddy, Great Britain
Agility World Championship member in 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2019, Founder of Into Shape Agility

I wish instead of a like button there was a LOVE button for this page! Me and my girls love D4M, their exercises have really made a big difference to our agility!

FUNdamentals online strength and conditioning course is full of great exercises and information packed, Jana is very knowledgeable and her responses are extremely detailed.

Thank you Jana and team!
Highly recommended!«

Birgit Piho, Estonia
Active competitor in Agility, FCI Obedience and IGP

This was absolutely super online course. There were very good exercises and really good theory part. I am really happy that I entered my dogs to Fundamentals online course.  Jana’s feedback for all the videos was very thorough.

I am really satisfied how my dogs looked after the course and how much better was their coordination.«

Lisa Frick, Austria
4x Agility World Champion, 9x member and multiple medalist of AWC and EO in the past 10 years, 2x European Open Vice-Champion

»Perfect class for building balance and strength for my dogs. Super easy to understand and very good feedback!«



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