🏆 Master a Sequence of 4 Powerful Fundamental Massage Techniques 🏆

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Unleash the Power of Paws-itive Touch:
Discover the Wonders of Dog Massage

Unleash the Power
of Paws-itive Touch:
Discover the Wonders
of Dog Massage

… and melt away stress, stiffness, and pain

… and melt away stress,
stiffness, and pain

Increase the elasticity of the tissue
Accelerate regeneration
Increase sensory function
Improve performance
Clear, practical, and easy-to-understand course
Backed up by experts and science

Watch the Video Below and Learn Why You Should Start Massaging Your Dog Today!

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This course is designed by Jana Gams, Doctor of Veterinary Medicine, Certified Canine Rehabilitation Practitioner, active competitor in Agility and FCI Obedience, and founder of Dogs4motion Veterinary Rehabilitation and Sports Medicine Center.

Massage? Yes, please!

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You Probably Don't Pay Attention
to How Loaded Your Dog's Body Is
During Daily Activities, But You Should 100 %…

You Probably Don't Pay Attention to How Loaded Your Dog's Body Is During Daily Activities,
But You Should 100 %…

Do you ever stop and think about how much stress your dog’s body goes through during their daily activities?

Imagine a typical day of an active dog.

From standing up, sitting, and lying down to jumping on and off objects.

Consider the countless steps they take, the frequent accelerations and decelerations.

They are in constant motion.

And don’t get me started with sporting dogs.

Just think about the intense moves they make at very high speeds!

It’s no wonder their bodies endure immense pressure.

Now …

Dogs are athletes.

Unfortunately, their active lifestyle comes with its fair share of risks and consequences, such as:

  • Loss of mobility
  • Muscle tension
  • Compensatory injuries
  • Acute or chronic pain
  • Reduction in the sensory functions of the limbs
  • Frustration, stress, and anxiety

I speak from experience.

Working with dogs in sports and rehabilitation has given me a firsthand understanding of these challenges.

I know you want the best for your dog.

And here’s the good news …

You have the power to make a difference.

Why Counting On Sleeping The Pain Off
Will Not Do The Trick?

Why Counting On
Sleeping The Pain Off
Will Not Do The Trick?

Well, sleep does play a crucial role in the body’s regeneration process.

But relying solely on sleeping to fix all the stress and strain on your dog’s body won’t suffice.

They require external assistance to truly address their needs.

That’s where the power of massage comes in.

Massage is a hands-on technique that applies gentle force to the tissues, facilitating the influx of oxygen and nutrients while eliminating metabolic waste.

It can also help break up potential adhesions, improving overall tissue health and mobility.

By incorporating massage into your dog’s routine, you can provide the much-needed support their body craves.

And let’s not forget a massage is a wonderful way for your dog to relax after a long day.

Because they deserve it.

A Simple, Old Fashioned Massage Is The Key To Improve
The Well-Being of Your Dog.

By massaging your dog you will:

This Course is Ideal For:

Any dog owner who wants to expand knowledge on dog massage!

Athlete Dogs

To help accelerate the recovery process, and enhance their performance abilities.

Family & Older Dogs

To raise the longevity of your dog’s life and take care of their physical wellbeing.

Join the Ranks of Happy Customers

»I gifted myself this course for Christmas and thoroughly enjoyed it. Your practical videos on manual techniques have been incredibly helpful. «

Lucia Radošovská

»As someone who competes in several dog sports, it is crucial for me to keep my dogs not only conditioned but also conditioned correctly. I found this course to be extremely beneficial in achieving that goal.«

Jo Ann Caperna-Ford – USA

»I feel soothed when I massage my dogs and see their pleasant facesI would like to designate massage days to enhance their comfort.«

Tomoko Nakaminami

Having this understanding of basic massage techniques allows me to help them feel great. It’s also a wonderful way to bond and spend quality time together. I will certainly incorporate these massages into our training days off. Thank you!

Cassidy Meyer – United Kingdom

You’re one click away from improving your dog's physical & emotional well-being.

Give Your Dog the Royal Treatment
with This Easy-to-Follow Sequence of
4 Fundamental Massage Techniques

Give Your Dog the Royal Treatment with This Easy-to-Follow Sequence of
4 Fundamental Massage Techniques

Here's exactly how you'll do it:

The goal of proper massage is to gently increase blood circulation in the tissues
and gradually employ gentle manipulation with the subtle force of our hands.

You’ll achieve this by following a simple-to-follow video sequence
of 4 fundamental massage techniques:


Technique #1: Stroking

This very light touch technique will increase blood circulation, improve sensory function, and prepare the tissue for the upcoming manipulation.


Technique #2: Kneading

After the initial stroking, we will now use superficial kneading to reduce the muscle tone and promote muscle relaxation (on the other hand – the deep kneading technique increases muscle tone and is mostly used in paralyzed dogs).


Technique #3: Friction

This technique will help prevent adhesions between tissue layers. Areas that usually benefit the most from this technique are the shoulder blade and back region.


Technique #4: Skin rolling

You will finish a massage with skin rolling. A technique that helps with the mobility of the skin, elasticity of the tissues, and reducing the tension.

The Proof is in the Praise

»I really loved your course! The instructions are clear and easy to follow. I am delighted to incorporate some of your techniques into my treatments as a Shiatsu therapist. I look forward to the next one!«

Marily Roumie – Greece

»I found the course very easy to follow and informative.«

Brenda Buffum – USA

»Great online lesson! Such a low price for the intricate information given and how to apply them! 10/10 soils recommended!«

Daniel Allen-Ross – United Kingdom

»I’ve always wanted to learn how to properly massage a dog. The course is very useful, without further ado, and it explains the process in an accessible language for better understanding.«

Anna Kunichyk – Ukraine

Introducing ...

Let's learn

Master a Sequence of 4 Powerful Fundamental Massage Techniques

By Purchasing Now, You Receive Immediate Access To:

1. Let’s Learn Dog Massage​

We will take a look at 4 fundamental massage techniques while exploring the body areas of your dog. The course is designed in a way you can massage your dog while watching and following the video.

2. Refresh Your Skills with Downloadable Handouts

To help you remember and refresh your skills, you’ll get some handouts you can download and take with you anywhere.

3. Unlimited Access to the Complete Course Content

Techniques that remain valuable throughout your dog's entire life
Timeless learning: A course with no starting or ending dates
Progress at your own pace
Rewatch anytime
Massage different dogs whenever you desire

4. User-Friendly Course Compatible with Any Device

Comprehensive, step-by-step, and well-structured
A ready-to-use course that balances simplicity with depth
Learn from the comfort of home or during your daily nature walks
No expensive equipment is required

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Wait! There's More!
You’ll Get This Amazing Extra Bonus Too!

EXTRA BONUS: Passive Range of Motion Exercises

  • Simple and extremely useful technique that can be performed at home
  • Improve or maintain joint, soft tissue and neuromuscular functions
  • Promote tissue healing and relief the pain
  • Prevent adhesions, joint and muscle contractures
  • Improve performance and prevent injuries in healthy active dogs

Based on Science

This course is product of:
➤ Science-based veterinary
➤ Canine sports medicine knowledge
➤ Personal training experiences
➤ Thorough research

This is as Easy as It Gets. Simply Lay Your Dog On a Comfy Mat, Follow My Lead and Let’s Massage Together.

Your key takeaways from this will be:

Let's learn


Clear Plan
of Action

This course provides a ready-to-use, step-by-step, follow-my-lead sequence with 4 fundamental massage techniques.


Deeper Understanding

This course is thorough in its approach, explaining each move and its purpose in detail.


Confidence and Clarity

You’ll find it effortless to grasp the concepts and structure the massage routine perfectly.

This is exactly why you should trust me:

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Featured Video: I Work with Many Canine Athletes on a Daily Basis as the CEO of the Dogs4motion, Veterinary Rehabilitation and Sports Medicine Center in Slovenia

I work with many canine athletes
on a daily basis.

I work with many canine athletes on a daily basis.

With participants in World Agility Championships and other significant international events.

As well as active pet dogs, family, and senior dogs.

I have been an active trainer and competitor in several dog sports
with my own dogs for the past 18 years.

All this has helped me to understand their needs better …

… And how important it is to take care of their well-being – from their
puppyhood to their senior years.


➤ You’ll learn how to give your dog a relaxing and soothing massage.

➤ You’ll be able to take your dog’s physical well-being to new heights.

➤ You’ll help them unwind.

➤ You’ll help them settle down for optimal relaxation.

➤ You’ll boost tissue regeneration.

➤ You’ll improve their muscle tone, flexibility, and performance

This course is a product of all my personal experience and knowledge!

I am excited and proud to share these tips and tricks with you!

So far I’ve been able to help 3749+ participants from 6 different
continents all around the globe.

Get started with your dogs today, because they are worth it!

Jana Gams, DVM, CCRP

  • Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (Veterinary Faculty, University of Ljubljana)
  • CCRP – Certified Canine Rehabilitation Practitioner (University of Tennessee)
  • CEO of Dogs4motion, veterinary rehabilitation and sport medicine center
  • Active competitor on international levels and FCI Dog Training Instructor in Agility and FCI Obedience
  • 18 Years of Dog Training & Competition Experience

We Stand Behind You:

30-Day Money-Back Guarantee
Because Your Satisfaction Matters

I am so confident in Let’s Learn Dog Massage Course that I’m willing to “put my money where my mouth is” and back up your purchase with a 100 % money-back guarantee. 

If you don’t feel this course is right for you, I’ll refund every cent you paid – no questions asked.

This is for you if you want to:

Relax your dog’s muscles, release tension, and ease their pain after strenuous physical exercise ease their pain after strenuous physical exercise.

Improve the function of your dog’s body and aid regeneration.

Restore the elasticity of muscle tissue and the skin.

Improve the sensory function in older dogs or neurological patients.

Help your dog unwind and settle down emotionally after a long day.

The Proof is in the Praise

»I’ve seen firsthand great benefits of massage for my dog with health issues, post-surgery rehab, and my active athlete dog. They both greatly benefited from massage, including the bonus of Passive Range of Motion Exercises.«

Dianne Ford – Canada

»I thoroughly enjoyed this course. It was highly informative, and the videos were incredibly helpful.«

Zara Da Costa – Jersey

Our Academy Members are Absolutely Delighted by the Transformative Effects of Dog Massage on Their Dogs' Well-Being

Our Academy Members are Absolutely Delighted by the Transformative Effects
of Dog Massage
on Their Dogs' Well-Being

... join them today and discover the techniques you’re getting in this course today for just a small fee!

... join them today and discover the techniques you’re getting in this course today
for just a small fee!

Technical Questions

Absolutely! With the Agility Dynamics in Control course, you will have lifetime access. This means you can revisit the course, reinforce your understanding, and start with new dogs whenever you desire in the future.

One of our delighted Academy members has already completed one of the courses four times within the six-week workout period. She has reported that her dog has become incredibly strong and muscular. She feels more confident in her agility training, enjoying the satisfaction of giving her dog the utmost care and support.

Yes. The access to the content platform is lifetime, and it is very easy to use and navigate. Additionally, PDFs of the Weekly Workout content are available for download.

Currently, the course is only available in English, but it does come with English subtitles. However, we do plan on translating the subtitles into other languages in the future, so please follow us for updates.

The video material is not downloadable, but the PDFs are. However, access to the online classroom is lifetime and the content platform can be reached very easily from any device (phone, tablet, or computer), and is very simple to use.

Our Members Love
dogs4motion Academy!

If you haven't been massaging your dog, or if you're still unsure how to start, now is the perfect time to seek guidance. These are the exact techniques I use with my own dogs to ensure they feel good and are optimally prepared.

So Don't Miss Out! Seize The Opportunity And Join Right Now.

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